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By Nancy Malik

Avery County

Nancy Malik Avery County

Nancy Malik


Just saying or thinking of this word can bring images of beauty, peace, perfection, and God.

Heaven is our next home eternally if we have accepted Jesus’ sacrifice and rising again so we can have eternal security.

Four years ago this month, my husband was in his fourth year of a heavy battle with cancer.  He had a procedure before his 6th major surgery out of seven.  It was very rough.  After the procedure, he was in a very cold recovery room.  He asked a nurse if I could come into the room though I wasn’t supposed to be in there  She let me go into him.  Gregg grabbed my hand and told me during the procedure he had gone to heaven.  The colors were beyond description.  He said people talked to him with kindness though he couldn’t see their faces.  He knew Jesus was there and asked to stay there.   Jesus told him that he was not ready to come home.  Jesus told him there were some things Gregg had left to do before he came home to stay.

Gregg’s next 6 months were full of peace and a servant’s heart as he shared the love of Jesus in a deeply passionate way to whoever came to visit including the hospice nurses.  They loved coming to have “church” with Gregg.  He had been a missionary pastor and teaching and preaching from his hospital bed in our living room was such a blessing for him and them.

Gregg talked until two hours before he passed.  As he was going home there was no distress and he breathed his last breath he had a beautiful smile on his face.  It was obvious he saw Jesus and went to be with Him.  My children and their mates were on the phone during his last time on earth.  We sang praise songs and many prayers during this incredible time of his going home.  Many people have been comforted by this testimony.  There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful stories of people leaving earth and going to heaven.

My heart desires that if you are concerned at all about where you will go when you die, that you are someone who knows Jesus, The Truth, deeply so when its time there will be a smile on your face.


Nancy Malik has lived four years in Avery County. She is a member of Heaton Christian Church. She has taught creations science to children for many years. You will be blessed to listen to her audio devotions for children HERE.