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Help for Cognitive Decline, Anxiety, and Shoulder Pain

By Miguel Cruz

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In this month’s temple maintenance, we will discuss how to protect yourself from cognitive decline, and prevent anxiety. And avoiding shoulder surgery.

Ultra-processed foods (UPF) are tied to a faster rate of cognitive decline.

Examples of UPF’s are soft drinks, chips, chocolate, and candy. Ice cream, sweet breakfast cereals, packaged soups, chicken nuggets (yes even chicken nuggets, I know you thought they were healthy) hot dogs, processed meats, and fries.

Multiple studies have been done and published in medical journals, this particular study was published on December 5, 2022, in JAMA Neurology and presented at the Alzheimer’s association international conference.

I know I keep talking about this but we are bombarded by so much advertising trying to convince us that these things are healthy and it is nothing more than slick advertising. Personally, I feel that we should ban advertising sweet cereals to our children on TV just like they did with cigarettes.

On the positive side, a group of substances called “Flavanols” can preserve our memory and cognition.

Flavanols can be found in onions, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, grapes, berries, tea, and wine.

The research, which was published online, on November 22 in Neurology found that those eating the equivalent flavanols found in 1 cup of leafy greens per day had the least cognitive decline over a 7-year period. So you don’t need much.

Can a common artificial sweetener fuel anxiety?

Aspartame can indeed fuel anxiety in even a small dose according to a 12/2/22 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Other studies have also linked artificial sweeteners to heart disease and stroke.

I have been talking about artificial sweeteners for 30 years, there has been research uncovering their dangers way back then but apparently not making the headlines enough to make a difference against all the money being made on artificial sweeteners under the veil that they are healthy. NOT SO!

Personally, we use stevia in our house, made from a plant and so far nothing bad about it has been found.

Changing things up a bit let’s talk about Shoulder Pain.

Shoulder pain is quite common accounting for 4.5 million doctor visits yearly. After a round of medications including steroid injections that only temporarily helps, then physical therapy and/or chiropractic which may help for a while. People often turn to surgery, thinking it may FIX the problem.

Multiple studies published in medical journals have found that shoulder surgeries aimed at the removal of bone spurs and soft tissue had no better result than a placebo surgery where incisions were made but nothing was actually done.

A better choice is low-level laser therapy also known as photo Biomodulation therapy. It’s what we use at our office and the research proves the long-range benefits of reduced pain and increased mobility. Many doctors are also referring their patients with shoulder problems for acupuncture which shows promising results.

Keep in mind that if you have completely torn a ligament, tendon, or muscle, then surgery may be your only option. But if you’re dealing with shoulder bursitis, inflammation, tendonitis, or a partial tear, then don’t think that surgery is the only option, we see these conditions daily and they get long-lasting relief, find a doctor that can offer you laser therapy or acupuncture along with rehabilitative exercises to get you back moving again.

By the way, we have shoulder stretching videos available on our website free of charge, go to, click on the video, and scroll down to the self-help section to find the shoulder stretches.


Dr. Miguel Cruz is in practice along with his wife of 35 years, Lesia Cruz who is a certified Integrative Nutritionist. They own Cruz Life Center in Burnsville NC. Dr. Cruz is a licensed Chiropractor since 1981. When asked what he does for a living he explains that he helps people get out of pain and improve their overall health without the use of drugs or surgery. Something everyone seems to want but nobody seems to know how to get there. Dr. Cruz accepted Jesus Christ in the summer of 1979 while in chiropractic school. He has since dedicated his life to helping people grow in physical health and spiritual health. Read more from Dr. Cruz HERE.