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By David Valls

Mitchell County


We have all heard the phrase ” look in the mirror”, but let’s think about why we look in the mirror. We often do this simply to see how we look or to make sure that we look presentable, particularly if we have to be somewhere.

Now think about how often we look in our spiritual mirror to make sure that our Christian life is presentable before God. Remember, we are to be ambassadors for Christ, so the impression we give and the way we present ourselves directly to others affects how our Savior Jesus Christ is presented.

Also, the effectiveness of the message often has much to do with the way it is presented….so it is up to the person who presents it to make sure it’s presented in such a way that it has a lasting impact on those who are willing to hear it. In other words, we are to reflect Jesus in all we do, so we must ask ourselves these questions when we take a long hard look in our spiritual mirror, “Are we representing Jesus properly? ” Is his light shining forth in our lives the way it should?”

Jesus said you are the light of the world… a city that is sat on a hill cannot be hidden. If you light a candle, you don’t hide it where it cannot be seen, you put it somewhere where it’s brightness will shine. The moon shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. We as Christians are called to be reflections of the SON!!

Sometimes we may look in the mirror and not like what we see, so we try to make ourselves look better, to improve our appearance. We must do the same thing when we see something that doesn’t appear right in our spiritual life….we must change whatever it is that is weighing us down so we reflect the Holiness of our Lord. We do this by recognizing the areas in our Christian life that need improvement. We must ask God to help us to improve in those areas. He tells us to “ask it and it shall be given to you.” If there is something in your life that keeps you from being a reflection of the SON, simply ask God to help you to be that reflection that you need to be. The apostle Paul wrote “My Grace is sufficient for thee” We are to let our light shine before men so that it would glorify God. Let us all be mindful of this by taking some time to look in our “spiritual mirror.”


David Valls attends Middle District Freewill Baptist Church in Buladean. He is from Mitchell County. He has been the adult class Sunday school teacher for the past 13 years. You can read more good news here.