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Maintaining the Balance

By Dan Qurollo

Burke CountyDan Qurollo Morganton Baptist Church Burke County


As we approach this time of year, it is easy to allow our priorities to become improperly balanced. The busyness of the Christmas season and the many self-inflicted demands often create a sense of stress and pressure as we attempt to get everything done. Some of this is fueled by our culture and the emphasis that Christmas time brings; some of it is self-inflicted by our own desires and standards.

Busyness has a way of robbing from that which is most important, often without our even realizing it. Luke 10:38-41 describes an account of when Jesus was dining at the home of Martha and Mary. I can only imagine the sense of pressure that Martha must have felt. I believe her service to Jesus was not initially performed out of obligation; rather, I truly believe she wanted Jesus to experience the best because she loved him.

Her devotion and desire soon gave way to frustration as she observed her sister sitting idly by at the feet of Jesus. The Bible phrases it perfectly when it states that Martha “was cumbered about much serving.” She had allowed her service to become burdensome because she developed an improper perspective.

I have always marveled at the response of Jesus. Jesus instructed Martha that “one thing is needful.” To Martha, many things were needful; to Jesus, only one thing was needful.

As we approach a busy time of year, we do well to be reminded of that which is truly most important.  Do not sacrifice that which is most important for that which is secondary, at best. Determine to maintain your walk with the Lord during this time of year. I assure you that Christmas will mean more to you if you do.


Dan Qurollo is pastor of Morganton Baptist Church. You can visit them online at, on Facebook, or on Youtube.

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