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Farm Bureau Women’s Committee “Rings In” the Cows for Scholarship Dollars

Mitchell County


The Mitchell County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee recently held its annual fundraiser during the North Carolina Rhododendron Crafts Fair on the Creek Walk. The purpose of the fundraiser is to combine fun with fundraising to provide a college scholarship to a Mitchell County student who plans to major in an agricultural-related field.

The Cow Patty Bingo Booth was unlike any other at the event and citizens won the “pooping contest.”  Fifty individuals bought tickets each day for a chance to win $500 on the condition that the cow would choose his/her square on which to leave a cow patty.  Bingo was then called and the winning square in the ring netted cash for the lucky winner.

Cow Patty Bingo was played on both Friday and Saturday of the festival and tickets were sold by members of the Women’s Committee to people throughout the county before the event.  A few tickets were sold at the booth.  The winner of Friday’s Bingo was Amy Thomas, a teacher who participated in the Ag in the Classroom Workshop with fellow teachers. The cow knew what to do on Saturday to stay out of trouble and planted the cow patty in the middle of Sheriff Donald Street’s square. Both Thomas and Street were caught on camera with their checks

Two farm-related baskets were created by the Women’s Committee and raffled off.  Winning the Friday Chicken-Themed Basket was Serena Rowe while Chuck Shelton picked up the Themed Donkey Basket on Saturday.

One of the most significant parts of the fundraiser was the invitation by businesses and individuals to contribute at different gift levels. Please note all the contributors on the banner who helped fund the scholarship and other events.

The Farm Bureau Women’s Committee is a part of the North Carolina Farm Bureau.  Its primary mission is to advocate for farmers and help provide agricultural education for adults and youth. The Mitchell County Women’s Committee is one of the strongest in the district, according to Luke Beam, NC Farm Bureau Field Representative. Among its activities are reading agricultural-related books in Spruce Pine and Bakersville school classrooms each month, reading during story-times in the public libraries, and coordinating an agricultural workshop for teachers that includes tours and training.  The committee also interviews and selects a graduating senior to receive the Farm Bureau Women’s Committee Agricultural Scholarship valued at 2000.00 each year. Perhaps the most impactful events are the Agricultural Science Days held for elementary students. Over 200 children stayed after school at Deyton Elementary for the science fair.  In the first year, more than 100 Gouge students participated.  Principal Colby Calhoun has requested that the next Gouge Elementary day be conducted during school hours so that every student can participate.  Chairing the Mitchell County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee is Mrs. Barbara Harrell, and the staff representative is Ms. Gloria Huskins. They are backed by about 10 women who serve.  If you’d like to join the committee, please contact Ms. Huskins at the Bakersville Farm Bureau Office.


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