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Never Give Up

By Steve Williams

Mitchell Countysteve williams


Howdy Folk:

We are living in a day where you see so many people giving up on the church and many others getting ready to give up on the church. Understand something my dear friends, it takes no character to give up, it takes no discipline, no zeal, no giftedness, no talent, you don’t even have to work on it, to give up.  To many people, it just comes naturally. The truth of the matter is, we do not overcome painful afflictions through positive thinking or by minimizing or denying suffering. We overcome painful afflictions by turning to the Lord and seeking His salvation and power to deliver us. God is the Savior, the rescuer, the deliverer of all who is suffering painful afflictions. The Bible tells us in Lamentations 3:25 “The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.” In other words, God loves a God seeker.

We live in an upbeat, fast-paced world. People are hurting now, suffering now, experiencing afflictions. People are not willing to wait or seek out things anymore, people want everything yesterday. See no one likes to wait because waiting implies we are not in control. And when people feel they are not in control they have a greater tendency to give up. The reason this world we live in is in the mess it is is that people are so willing to join the crowd and give up rather than to hang in there, proving again, anybody can give up. There is a story about Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was a great leader. When Winston Churchill was nearing the end of his time, he was asked to speak at a well-established university in his country. The people were sitting on the edge of their seats and students were holding their breath to listen to what the first words of this great leader and orator would say. A man who single-handedly roused the people to stand against Nazi Germany before America entered the war. Who single-handedly organized their resources to help fight off Adoff Hitler. So when he walked up and stood behind the podium there was hush across the building. It seemed like he stood there four minutes, there was even somewhat of uncomfortable silence, and then he said these 3 words, “Never Give Up” and he stood there for a few more seconds and said again “Never Give Up”. And he turned and returned to his seat. Well at first, the people were stunned, and just a few seconds later they began to clap because they recognized the words of wisdom that came out of his mouth. See this was the driving message that kept him strong. And that was the greatest advice he could give any audience. “Never Give Up”

I want you to hear those three words, “Never Give Up” Let them ring in your Heart and mind. In this life, we all will face things that seem unfair. We will have things happen that will try our faith. We will face things because we have made bad choices that got our lives off track. But I want to tell you something, hang in there and “Never Give Up” because God has a purpose on all the things we go through and face in this life. We just have to Never Give Up and to do what we can, and rely on God for the rest.

Christians have to understand this great truth is “What you put in your Christian life is what you will get out of your Christian life”. There is a story about a king. The king sent out a decree to all in his land. He asked them to come to dinner. The reason for this dinner was to fill his new mote with water. He asked all the guests to bring a vessel of water no matter what the size. So all of his kingdom attended and brought vessels of water. Some brought a cup, some brought a gallon, some brought five gallons, then some brought fifty gallons. Upon completion of dinner, the king opened a door to his dining room which was filled with many jewels. After doing this he told the people to go in and fill their vessels to the top. So the more of our lives that we give to Him the more of Him that He can place in us. Remember Never Give up, empty yourself daily so that He can fill you up with His presence.

Pastor Steve Williams

Words Of Wisdom

  • Never give up your victor is right around the corner. N/A
  • I know from experience that you should never give up on yourself or others, no matter what.

George Foreman

  • I can do all thing through Christ that strengthens me. Bible Philippians 4:13
  • …Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. Bible 1 John 4:4b

Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint so Never Give Up

The first marathon was run in 1908 in London. The marathon-length was standardized to 26 miles 365 yards. The reason being the Royal family wanted to see the start of the race from their palace and the distance from the palace to the stadium is 26 miles and 365 yards to this day. The first winner of this newly defined marathon should have been an Italian candy maker named Dorando Pietri. He was the first to enter the stadium but turned the wrong way. Rather than going right, he went left he got sidetracked. When the mistake was realized, Pietri staggered and fell. Anxiety from his error triggered an onslaught of exhaustion. He turned around and continued staggering toward the finish line. With just a few yards remaining, Pietri fell one final time. Meanwhile, Johnny Hayes, running for the United States, was racing down the homestretch of the stadium. He kept on course and was the winner of the first marathon. He received a Gold medal.

A wonderfully run race was ruined by a wrong turn at the end. Finishing well is what matters. “Never Give Up”


Steve Williams is the pastor of Berry Chapel Baptist Church in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. You can read more good news from Steve HERE.