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Pray for our Nation

By Chris Rathbone

Mitchell Countypray for our nation


This article has been on my mind for several months. Even now, sitting here in front of this computer screen, there are still some things that have been rolling over in my head that I want to convey but unsure how exactly to communicate them. So here goes my best effort!

No doubt, unless you’ve been living with your head in the sand, you know our nation has been in turmoil since the election of 2016. The far left’s attempt to undermine the president’s term has been unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. It seems that every effort has been attempted to do anything to impeach, discredit, hinder, etc, etc, no matter the cost to the American taxpayer. To be honest, from my point of view, the regular American citizen has suffered neglect because both sides of the political aisle have been consumed with accusing or defending the president instead of working to better our nation. At times it has been laughable to see the desperate measures that the left has taken to harm the president. However, it isn’t funny, but sad. Sad that our leaders have come to point that they are willing to ignore the American people because they are obsessed with keeping their political power safe.

At times I’ve been mad, other times I’ve been sad, and even times I’ve been disgusted at how far our so-called leaders have gone simply because they hate the president. They say they don’t, but their actions are stating otherwise. Personally, I’m a conservative, both Biblically and politically. Let me clear on one thing, my hope is not and never will be in politics, in an election, or a candidate for whom I may choose to cast my vote. My faith and hope are in Jesus alone! He holds my future and the future of this nation. Always has and always will! However, I choose to be involved in the political process in our nation by voting my convictions which are influenced by my Biblical convictions. I do my best to research the candidates and vote for those who are closest to my conservative convictions. For sure, there are times I vote for those who I may not agree with on everything, but they get my vote because, hopefully, their governing beliefs will better the community, state, or nation where I and my family live and protect our rights and freedoms as American citizens.

For many years now, there has been a push to silence a conservative opinion, especially to silence Christian conservative opinion. Many on the political left seem to be of the persuasion that conservative Christians shouldn’t have an opinion on political topics. They believe that if we disagree with something our leaders in government are doing, we can’t say or do anything. Well, children, I beg to differ! Those leaders are there making decisions that affect me, my family, my church family, my community, etc, etc. Not only will I speak up and make my voice heard, but I have the conviction that it is my responsibility as a Christian to herald from the mountain tops what is right.

The Bible teaches us that the government was instituted by God (Read Romans 13:1-7, I Peter 2:13-15). God ordained the government for the promotion of good in society and the punishment of evil in society. How can a God-ordained institution promote that which is good if good godly people are not involved? Do we just let wicked leaders prevail? Do we just stay silent when our leaders are leading in an ungodly direction? My fellow Christians, if you and I don’t stand up for what is right, who will? We must not be silent, we cannot be silent, for much is at stake for our children, our grandchildren, our communities, our nation!

Obviously, there is much wrong with our political system in this nation on all sides and how much I pray things would change. However, I cannot, I will not support any political party or candidate which blatantly contradicts God’s word by striving to lead our nation in an ungodly direction. Liberalism, religiously and politically, has led to compromise and ungodliness, in the church and this nation. When a government is led by those who do not have Biblical convictions at all, they will lead this nation down a wicked path that personally, I have no desire to walk.

As a preacher, with God’s help, till my dying day, I will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins on the cross, He shed His blood and suffered to pay the price for our salvation. He rose again proving that He was who He said He was and conquered death, hell, and the grave to secure the free gift of salvation. Jesus will come again to this earth to receive those who have repented of sin and placed their faith in Him as Savior. I will preach righteous and holy living as the way our Savior desires us to live and that our leaders will stand before our Holy God one day and give account on how they have used their position to govern this nation. They will be judged on the stewardship of what they were given as we all will. We, as God’s people, must hold our leaders accountable and we must make the voice of righteousness and reason heard across this land to ALL our leaders!

God have mercy on and forgive our nation. Please forgive us as your people for allowing things to get where they are today. We have neglected to speak up for righteousness and what is good for so long, evil has permeated our nation. May we repent and cry for holiness across our land, in our halls of justice, in the walls of our government building, and most importantly, in the hearts of all people! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Christians, please be involved in the process of leading our nation back to God! Stand up and speak up for Biblical truth and convictions. The nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell. It is the righteousness that exalts a nation. Be strong in faith, be strong in righteous convictions, be bold to speak the truth in a world that has forgotten it. Above all, please pray for our nation!


Preacher Chris Rathbone serves as Pastor at Mine Creek Baptist Church.


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