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Restoring Hope Through Awareness

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center

 Burke County


Who of us has experienced challenges and struggles in our lives? Yes, we all have!

Statistics tell us that approximately 20% of us deal with mental health issues. People of all ages

deal with emotional hurts and scars that prevent them from realizing the vital roles God has

given them for this life on earth.

Since 1949 Mental Health Awareness Month has been emphasized in May. Its purpose

has been to raise awareness and educate people about mental illness. Types of mental illness

include depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Several organizations in America run

campaigns that emphasize what it’s like living with these conditions, strategies for achieving

mental health and wellness, and truths that reduce the negative attitudes and misconceptions

associated with mental illness. These campaigns take the form of media, local events, and film



Twenty years ago God began Mimosa Christian Counseling Center (MCCC) as a vehicle to

“restore hope and relationships for a better community through Christ-centered professional

counseling”, which is the mission of the Center. From the beginning, those who provide the

counseling and those who support the counseling ministry know each person is created by God

and has a unique purpose and plan. They also believe the gifts from God to achieve the plans

are sometimes unrealized because of emotional issues.


Some of the needs served by MCCC are depression, anxiety, stress, worry, grief, loss,

marital and premarital counseling, issues related to trauma or abuse, recovery from separation

and/or divorce, self-worth, and relational concerns. The Center serves individuals from age

four(4) to sixty-four(64), families, and couples.

The counseling services of MCCC are provided by well-trained, compassionate, and caring

counselors who strive to help restore hope, encourage personal growth, heal emotional wounds,

and strengthen one’s faith in God. These counselors integrate their professional counseling

methods with Biblical truths and principles. In addition, they recognize the role of the Holy Spirit

in emotional healing.

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center is a 501(c)(3) Christian based, community-supported

organization that has served over 2000 area families, adults, and children in need.

Location and Contact information for The Center is:

220 Burkemont Avenue in Morganton, NC 28655


As the counselors of MCCC and other counseling centers and agencies address mental

health challenges that millions of Americans face daily, we are encouraged that God’s Love

extends to all people and He provides support, services, and Hope to those who are in need.

The month of May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month so that we all gain

knowledge, education, and understanding of mental illness and its effects on many lives


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