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Ringo Is Turning 79!

By Steve Bietz

Burke County


Ringo Starr is going to be 79 years old this year. 79! The Beatles had a hit song called Yesterday. It was written by Paul McCartney in 1965. The words go like this: yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.  Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, I am not half the man I used to be. There’s a shadow hanging over me, oh yesterday came suddenly.

Indeed, for Ringo, the Beatles and the rest of us, suddenly, is a good description of what time does.

In 1962, just a few years before McCartney of the Beatles penned Yesterday, Peter Paul and Mary sang a song that spent five weeks at number one. It was called: Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Yes, another song that speaks about the subject of time.

No, I’m not stuck in the 60s. But the sentiments of the suddenness and the bewilderment overtime still rings true. We almost shutter wondering about the time and our planet.  We may question, what can we expect when it comes to time?

On Friday evening, March 6, I will begin a series that I am calling, Prophecies of Hope, in the Morganton Seventh-day Adventist church.

You may have questions about time. Did you know that the Bible has predicted the course of history with 100% accuracy? Many people looked for the future with fear and uncertainty.   Not only has the Bible predicted the course of history with perfect accuracy, the Bible tells us what is coming next. The book of Daniel and Revelation will dispel your fears and give you a foundation for how you can prepare for upcoming events.

So many times, I hear that the book of Revelation is a closed book and that it cannot be understood. Well if that is the case, then its title, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, must be the cruelest trick I have ever heard.  Instead of a closed book, it is a very revealing book that we can read and understand.

Hey, a major portion of the Bible involves prophecy. God knows the future like the back of his hand, and we would be foolish to not take advantage of the revealing future that the Godhead has given us in the Holy Word.

I hope you are not ignoring the Biblical prophecy. God’s prophecy is a sure word that can keep us from being overly concerned about time. The Bible tells us the future. I encourage all of us to depend on scripture not CNN News to understand the future of planet earth.

Also, if you would like to attend the Prophecies of Hope series, I want to invite you to come and see. Opening night is Friday evening, March 6th at 7:00.  It will be held at the Morganton Seventh-day Adventist Auditorium, located at 2187 Jamestown Rd in Morganton.  The meetings will continue that weekend from Friday, March 6th through Monday, March 9th each evening beginning at 7:00.

The Times They Are A- changing. Bob Dylan sang it in 1964.   Maybe I am stuck in the 60s, but mostly I am stuck in the study of prophecy that we find in God’s word. I hope you are also stuck in biblical prophecy.


Steve Bietz is the pastor at Morganton Seventh Day Adventist Church.