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Something Funny Happened to Me

By Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell County


Something funny happened to me before Christmas. Pam asked me to go by the Post Office and pick her up some Christmas stamps. So, I get to the counter and ask the postal worker for some Christmas stamps and she says do you want Santa Clause, Madonna, or Christmas tree. And I said, “well I definitely do not want Madonna,” thinking what an old rock singer has to do with Christmas. Well, the postal worker smiled knowing what I was thinking and said, “not a Madonna”, pointing to a collection of stamps picturing Mary holding baby Jesus. Well, at that point, I really felt stupid. So, I came back to the house with the Madonna stamps, because who would pick Santa Clause over Madonna?

Well it is a New Year and I am very grateful to be a part of it; if things go well the next time, I am writing a February Article, I will be a Grandfather. Pam and I will enter a new phase of life as grandparents and we are so excited. However, I do not feel like a grandfather and hope I do not look like one. How does a Grandfather look? Like my grandfather did old, grey-headed, and he could remove his teeth and his hair. My grandmother told me she put my grandfather’s teeth in the cabinet of the night so they would not eat up everything in the house. My Grandparent’s house had a distinct smell. It was a good smell, a smell that meant comfort, peace, love, happiness, and a good time. My grandparents were wonderful God-fearing people who I loved dearly. If I can just be half the grandfather my grandfather was to me.

I want to be a great grandfather. I want to help my grandchild know as much as they can about Jesus. I want to help them have wisdom and understanding. I want to help them love the Lord. At times I feel I should have spent more time with my children, I do not believe you can ever spend too much time with them. It seems when they get their driver’s licenses, they are gone. At this point Pam and I have done all the training we can do, now we are fine-tuning all we have poured into our children. They are almost grown. Hopefully, we have done somethings right and these disciplines and instructions can be instilled in our children’s children.

Hopefully, as a grandfather, I can take it a little easier and not be as tough and demanding as I was of my children. I can see myself now feeling sorry for the little princess when she gets into trouble and coming to the rescue, only to get the “don’t you dare do it stare” from her parents. But I do not think that will stop me.

God is good and He has blessed us tremendously. Life comes in full circles. It is said if you live long enough “twice a child once an adult”. And this is true for Pam is now taking care of her dad, and I have never seen someone so devoted to her parents. She does a wonderful job. And this is what the Bible says we are supposed to do “repay our parents.” Take care of our parents because they took care of us. The Bible says to “honor your father and your mother.” When is the last time you spent time with your parents? My Dad is in heaven and Pam’s mom is in heaven and we miss them terribly.

Take time this year to do things of value and that makes an eternal impact. Always be mindful of telling others about Jesus. Take the time to be with your family. And do not forget your aging parents. If your parents are gone, try investing time in an aging adult. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Do not let the sun go down on your wrath. And above all have fun and smile life is too short to frown.

Happy New Year, Live life with No Regrets

Love Dean and Pam.


Pastor Dean Honeycutt shepherds Snow Hill Baptist Church in Bakersville, NC. He may be reached at 828-385-0213,, or visit their website at