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The Christian Persecution Report is Born

By Andrea Hillman


The Christian Persecution Report

Christian Persecution

I could not breathe. I’m not a “crier” but tears of grief and outrage filled my eyes and blurred my vision. I tightly squeezed my eyelids to rid myself of the tears so I could finish the piece. On the evening of July 9, 2019, I read a story of such horror that it changed my life forever: Over one hundred Christians of all ages had been martyred with incomprehensible brutality. They were rounded up and burned to death in their small village in Mali, Africa. Why does persecution exist in China, Africa, or North Korea, but not in the USA? I did some research and soon discovered, to my astonishment, Christian persecution IS happening in America, too.

Since coming to this realization, I have felt compelled to warn my brothers and sisters in the USA. I went to bed that night; I prayed and grieved and tossed about the bed like popcorn on the fire. I could find no rest until, finally, a glimmer of inspiration emerged. The Christian Persecution Report (TCPR) was born. I had a presence on Facebook two days later.

My name is Andrea Hillman. I am a devoted follower of Jesus the Messiah. I live in the mountains of WNC, have a wonderful (read: patient) husband, two dogs, three sugar gliders, and oodles of beloved offspring. Currently, I am the creator and news aggregator of The Christian Persecution Report. Now, with the encouragement of Brian Barrier, I look forward to being a contributing journalist on the Blue Ridge Christian News website.

Though Blue Ridge Christian News is a paper renowned for its uplifting and encouraging, Christian-driven pieces, I will be swimming into more challenging and even uncomfortable waters. I trust the readers of BRCN online will “be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9), and join me on this journey of becoming informed of the rise of Christian persecution across this great and immense country. Let’s #wakethechurch and stand against the #silencingofthelambs, together. There is no such thing as a lone sheep: I cannot accomplish this mission without the help of God and the support of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please consider sharing the stories I post to your social media pages and reach out to me at I’d like to read your thoughts, encouragement, constructive criticism, ideas, and personal experiences with persecution. Most of all, I deeply appreciate your prayers over me, my loved ones, BRCN, and this work. Few have a target on their back like those who expose darkness. Please also keep Brian in your prayers: He is a discerning Brother seeking to strengthen the church—not by empty platitudes, but with information and courage.

Finally, I’d like to share a link to the story that motivates me to overcome TCPR obstacles and social media suppression to this day. Please be aware, it is a very difficult read….