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The Hidden Cause of the Hamas Attack on Israel

By Kurt Bomar

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The world watched in horror on Oct. 7th, 2023 as Hamas viciously attacked Israel. 1200 Israelis were killed and another 230 were kidnapped. Many are still being held today.

But what was the cause of this unprovoked attack? There were many causes to be sure, but there is one cause that has had little publicity, yet was specifically mentioned by Hamas’ spokesman, Abu Ubaida. Surprisingly it was because three red cows were imported into Israel!

The significance of these red heifers goes back 2,000 years. When Jesus was walking the earth. The Temple was still under construction. He predicted it would soon be destroyed. About 35 years later, Rome leveled the Temple.

Going back 1400 years earlier, Moses wrote the Book of Numbers. In that book, God required a red hepper, without spot or blemish to be sacrificed for the sins of the people. The heifer was to be burned and the ashes placed in an urn. A portion of these ashes would be mixed with water. This mixture was used (like holy water) for purification. When the ashes would get low, they would look for another red heifer. One would always seem to appear just when needed. From the time of Moses until Jesus, there were only nine red heifers ever sacrificed (the ashes went a long way).

Here’s the exciting part, the Mishnah (ancient writings of the Rabbis’) says that the 10th red heifer would be sacrificed in the Temple, by… the Messiah. Only with that offering, they insist, can the temple rise again. So, the appearance of the 10th red heifer would be followed by the construction of the Temple and the appearance of the Messiah.

Understand that the Jewish government doesn’t hold this view. Neither does the vast majority of Israelis. But the orthodox Jews do. That’s why they imported these cows from Texas recently (they are being kept in a secret location). More importantly, Hamas believes this as much as the orthodox Jews. That’s why they blew a gasket when the cows appeared, and this was a hidden cause of the attack.

The sacrificial location for the heifer has already been constructed. The implements for the Temple have already been prepared.

What is my point? On the end times clock, the hour hand represents the rebirth of Israel (1948). The minute hand represents the reclaiming of Jerusalem (1967) and its recognition as the capital of Israel (2017). The second hand represents the rebuilding of the Temple.

Friends, there is more going on than is being published in the news. Keep your eyes on Israel and see what God is doing. Our Bible is more current than the newspaper.

Selah (think about it)

Asst. Pastor Kurt Bomar, Walnut Grove Church

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