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Three Ways to Access Power When Feeling Helpless

By Marlene Houk

Burke Countythree ways to access power when feeling helpless


My cell phone’s dark face mocked me as I stared sheepishly at the pronged end of the cable flopping on the floor. But within seconds after plugging in the cord, our long-awaited movie continued, complete with colorful costumes and riveting action.

Has a power failure recently happened to you? These days, our ability to connect proves to be all-important as we attempt to continue with our lives. Quarantine, video-conferencing, virtual education, and continued careers rely upon the energy of electricity to an even greater extent than before our whole nation withdrew to reduce the effects of Coronavirus.

I accessed the solution to my helpless cell phone smoothly because I knew beforehand the process: plug in the cable. And I had observed others who had easily figured out the answer and continued their desired activities. And, of course, I knew the capabilities of my cell phone because of my extensive use.

As our phones need daily recharging, so we need spiritual power in our daily troubles. But how do we access and use it?  Ephesians 1:19 declares, “And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power.” We need the kind that lifts us above our troubles and helps us to see them from God’s view. The Lord empowers us to broaden our birds-eye view from our present helplessness and soar upwards to God’s eternal viewpoint. His perspective proves to be greater than our problems, and it eclipses our earthly troubles like the moon hides the sun. We can still see our troubles, but they are minimized to a manageable level.  God provides a specific strength to those who believe in the Lord Jesus to enable us to fulfill His plan for us.

The Bible is the living word and has the force to change us. Tucked between the book of Nehemiah (the Keep Going book) and Job, (the Coping With Human Tragedy book) resides ten chapters, called Esther, packed with a behind-the-scenes potency that we need.  And Queen Esther rises regally to the challenge, revealing three ways to access that power mentioned in Ephesians.

  1. She knew who she was. She was a Jew and God had saved her people many times because He had chosen them to bear the Savior of the world. Her training with Mordecai had prepared her for the rigors of political chaos, and she referred three times to the king’s affirmation of her acceptance.

The Bible tells us that when we believe that Jesus is God, that He died and rose again for our sins, and that we ask Him to be our Savior from sin, we are assured of our inheritance in His Kingdom. The Holy Spirit trains us to reflect Christ’s glory, reassuring us of our heritage. (2 Corinthians 3:18) We declare His favor over us, and the Bible reassures us many times of the King of King’s attention to His children.

  1. She was in a community with others of her faith. As she asked her mentor, Mordecai, to gather her people, the Jews, and ask them to fast for her, she accessed the intense potential of a community. They empowered her by reaffirming her identity as a Jew. They supported her desire to fulfill God’s plan for her. And, their sheer numbers reassured her that she was not alone.

The Bible encourages us to be in community with other Christians. Meet with others who love God’s Word and dive deeply into its treasures. Pray often, privately, corporately, and biblically. And benefit from the resources found in the Christian community: God’s Word, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and other Christians.

  1. She stepped back from her routine of royal feasts and keeping up her position. Queen Esther understood the value of retreating into a time of reflection and preparation. The grueling trial of baiting her enemy, the wicked Haman who planned to kill her people demanded fortitude.

Psalm 46:10 inspires us to “Be still and know that I am God.” When we push aside the obligations of life to engage with our mighty God, He reveals Himself to us. As much as possible, retreat from the rigors of daily life and realign your thoughts with God’s Word.

According to, The average user will tap, swipe, and click their phone 2,617 times a day. And the number one wish for our cellphones is to have a better battery. The next time you feel helpless and overwhelmed by life, try these three ways to access God’s power that brings glory to Him and refocuses your view of life.

A cell phone has replaced my phonebook, my business files, and my social connections in varying degrees. Cell phones are so powerful nowadays that they have internal protection that shuts them off to prevent further damage. When talking with a friend the other day, her cell phone shut down within seconds due to overheating. They seem to always be within reach and considered to be valuable to a business, the health-care industry, and everything in between from restaurant reservations to assure that our children are safe and happy.

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(She used food, repeating the king’s words and feelings, and her maids and the Jews) She asked her maids and the Jews to pray for her.


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