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One Day With God

By Jody GriffinJody Griffin

Avery and Mitchell Counties


And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. (Malachi 4:6)

Fresh from an inspiring three-and-a-half-day special event with volunteers leading a Kairos Prison Ministry Retreat, the Community Funded Chaplain’s attention is now directed toward the next major event that falls within the parameters of responsibilities associated with this position. That event is known as One Day With God.

One Day With God Camp at AMCI (Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution) is scheduled for September 28, 2019 and is an opportunity presented to offenders who qualify to participate to spend an entire day within the gates of the institution interacting with their children. One Day With God Camps are conducted by Forgiven Ministry Inc. out of Taylorsville, NC. They recruit and train volunteers to lead these camps, providing quality directed activities that create lasting memories for the children and their Dads. Games, singing, t-shirts that the children and their fathers sign, recreational activities, arts and crafts and more keep the day moving, with a focus throughout on forming connections and HAVING FUN! I have personally been present for several of these camps and have witnessed the remarkable power of God to provide memorable moments that sustain the children and the fathers for months on end!

These camps are made possible through gracious contributions of time, money and effort given by those who want to help these children receive the Blessing of their fathers! Churches, individuals, civic groups and other organizations can impact the lives of these families by contacting:


Forgiven Ministry

PO Box 117

200 Macedonia Church Road

Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681


You can find them online at and they are also on Facebook! But for AMCI to have a One Day With God Camp this year, we need for caring people to help us! We need financial donations (can be sent directly to Forgiven Ministry) or made to:


High Country Prison Ministry

PO Box 161

Crossnore, NC 28616 


Please mark that your donation is for the One Day With God Camp at Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution!

Thank you so much for helping us make this day a gift to these children and their incarcerated fathers! God Bless You for helping make the Truth of Malachi 4:6 available in ways that will change the lives of all who are present on that day!


Or, if you would like more information contact Chaplain Jody Griffin at