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By Steve Bietz

Burke County


Do The Research

This Spring, my wife and I decided to spend some money and do some needed upgrades on our home.  We are getting some windows replaced. Our home was built in the late 80s and still has the original single pane windows.   New windows do not come cheap.  We don’t know if this will be the last home we own or if we will sell it as we get older, but in either case, we thought it best to upgrade our windows.  We took some time to consider the financial pluses and minuses.  This is several thousands of dollars.  We considered the wear and tear on our furnace as it works harder because of our outdated less efficient windows. We looked at the monthly electric bills.  We looked at resale value.  And after considering the cost, we decided that the best deal was that we would replace our windows.

Maybe you have had to consider home upgrade costs lately.  Maybe your furnace, or your siding, or your roof, was a replacement cost you needed to consider.  Much of our lives are about price tags.  Of course, my article title is suggesting we consider the cost of death.   Now I am not referring to the funeral package you choose, although that is indeed a cost to consider.  According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average traditional burial can cost around $9000.00 once all services are accounted for.  While the averages for cremation are between $2000.00 – $4000.00.  Something to consider for sure.

Consider The Cost

Jesus indicated that becoming a Christian and a disciple is a serious thoughtful process.  Could it be like considering the cost of window replacement?   Luke (14:25-35) records that great crowds were following Jesus when He turned to them on this particular occasion and reminded His listeners of the seriousness of looking at the price tag.  Count the cost is His message.  How foolish it would be He asks, if you were a builder who began construction without getting estimates on the costs. You might run out of money after only laying down the foundation.   I certainly got estimates on replacing the windows in my house.

Or what if you were a king with 10,000 men, Jesus noted, and the army you are going to face has 20,000 men.  Wouldn’t you want to think this thing over a good bit before you charged at the enemy?  Might want to ask for peace terms instead of attacking.  Jesus said that we should make sure that following Him is worth it.  There is no room here for a decision to be made on a whim and a prayer.  There are serious consequences to consider…life-threatening consequences.

Window Shopping Indeed

Sometimes, I have been able to make a quick decision about the cost of a decision.  I owned a printing company for many years.  One day, I got a call from a fellow who said that my printing company had been recommended to him.  So, we made an appointment when I would come to his business and discuss what he wanted to print.

When I arrived, the owner of the company was on the phone, so I had a few minutes to browse around his company, which was a men’s clothing store.  As I looked at a rack of sports coats, one my size caught my eye and I took it off the rack to get a better look at it.  It was nice so I reached for the tag hanging from the sleeve so that I could consider the cost.  I got to tell you, I thought the price tag had been misprinted.  Remember, this is just a sport’s jacket.  The cost was $4000.00.  I very gently put the jacket back on the rack, in the hope that I did not dare damage it.   The cost consideration was so obvious that I did not think twice.  No chance this sports jacket was going home with me after I counted the cost.

Eternal Death or Eternal Life

Window shopping for death.  Not the death and taxes that are unavoidable on this planet.  No, I am referring to eternal death.  If we are comparing the price of eternal death to the price of eternal life, what are the considering factors?   What is your life worth?  The currency of heaven is love and it is best seen expressed in Calvary.  That is where we find our true value.  Count the cost?  How can any price be too much to live in God’s love today, and for eternity?  Jesus may demand everything, but it is still the best bargain that the world has ever known.  As you consider the cost of being a disciple for Christ, count the cost of not following Christ.


Steve Bietz is the pastor at Morganton Seventh Day Adventist Church. You can read more of his articles HERE.