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An August Anniversary

By Caron Cline

Burke Countycaron cline burke county pleasant hill baptist church



 August 19th, 1990 is the most significant day in my life. It is the day that I died. I was a 28-year-old professional who gave almost no thought to God or anything spiritual. Life was sweet, or so I thought. Although I was raised in a Christian home, I chose a different path in my late teens and felt that I was much more enlightened than my parents. Until…

On August 2nd, 1990, Sadaam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Normally, I would have paid little attention to this world-shaking news but at this point in my life, I was trying to impress a young man with my knowledge of world events. Therefore, I spent extra time reading the paper and watching the nightly news. As all eyes turned toward the Middle East, I overheard several different people discuss the fact that these happenings were prophetic. Could this be the sign that Jesus was coming again soon to rapture His people?

This thought terrified me because deep inside, I knew I was not ready! For a solid week, I could not get these thoughts off my mind. Unbeknownst to me, the Holy Spirit had His hooks in my heart and mind and was shouting truth over the lies of the enemy. Finally, on a Sunday afternoon, I confessed my sin and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. In the words of the Apostle Paul, ‘I was crucified with Christ and the old me no longer lived’. Not only did I die on August 19, 1990, but I was also raised to an entirely new life. I became a new creature in Christ and the old things passed away…everything became new.

The most astounding discovery came when I realized my entire way of thinking had shifted. The old Me had a liberal mindset concerning everything from A-Z. Suddenly, I found myself desiring to read the Bible, understand what it said, and obey God’s instructions. The new Me suddenly had a desire to please the Lord. My friends and family hardly recognized the new Me, wondering what in the world could bring such transformation.

I have been walking with Jesus for 32 years and He is even more exciting today than the day I invited Him into my life. His patience, grace, and mercy never cease to amaze me. After all, every morning that I step out of bed, I have new mercies for a new day of challenges and opportunities. Serving the Lord through teaching His Word, encouraging His people, and showing compassion to those in need is the desire of my heart. The most incredible experience of following Jesus is the promise that He will never leave or forsake me, but will finish the work that He started on that fateful day in 1990. As a guarantee of that promise, I was given the Holy Spirit on the day of my salvation as a continual witness that I really am a child of God, an heir and a co-heir with Christ. Come quickly, Lord Jesus…. I am ready! How about you??


Caron is a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Morganton, NC. She loves to teach the word of God.

Her desire is to see every believer grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

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