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Be Prepared

By Chris Rathbone

Mitchell Countychris rathbone mitchell county


It’s been a snowy week here in the Mitchell County mountains. Two different weather systems came through bringing snow and extremely cold temperatures to our area.

Personally, I’m a snow lover and have been since my childhood. Everyone keeps telling me that will change as I get older. So far, that love hasn’t wavered a bit. Most likely I’ll always love snow but just won’t get out in it as much when I get older. Back in my early years of school, we actually got “snow days” and none of this online learning mess. I would wake up early and listen to the local am radio station WTOE for school closures. Oh the joy that would flood my soul when Bruce Icard would say, “Mitchell County schools will be closed for today.” The excitement would be so great that I usually couldn’t go back to sleep. All the kids in the holler would spend the entire day outside if our moms would allow. There was sledding, tubing, snowball fights, building snowmen, snow tunnels, etc. All the fun things that come with an official snow day.

One of the things that the news always encourages when winter weather is on the way is getting prepared. We often joke about how the grocery stores get slammed and shelves are bare of milk, bread, and eggs. It’s almost as if people think they aren’t gonna be able to get out for weeks. The truth is, most of the time the snow is usually gone here in the south in a few days. However, when the weatherman gets it right and snow comes, it pays to be prepared.

What are some of the things we do to prepare for winter storms? Well, obviously we “storm” the grocery store for food even when we already have plenty at home for the most part. We get out the warm clothes for the frigid temperatures we will face going outside. I always like to fuel up the vehicles so I’m not having to pump gas in the cold. The heating sources need to be filled up whether it’s the woodbox, oil, or propane tanks. If the forecast is for several inches, I go ahead and put the scraping blade on the ATV. We also make sure the pets have all they need. It’s a good idea to check all the batteries in the flashlights or lanterns in case the electricity goes out. Sometimes the weatherman misses it and we get nothing or not near as much as we expected, and sometimes they get it right and we are thankful we made preparations. The point is, we do things to prepare for what may or may not be coming.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus promised us that He will come again. He told His disciples in John chapter 14 that He was going to prepare a place for them, and if He was going to prepare a place for His disciples, He would come again and receive them to Himself. Many argue over whether He will come before the tribulation, in the middle of the tribulation, or after the tribulation. Some will try to say they have figured out the exact date of His return, That date comes and goes because Jesus Himself said in Mark 13 that “No man knows”! Jesus teaches us that we are “Take ye heed, watch, and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” Mark 13:33

While we certainly discern that things in this world are going exactly the way the Bible teaches, the date of the Lord’s return is something no man can know. The point is to be ready whenever that may be. Jesus exhorts His children to be on watch, to be alert, and to pray. In other words, we should be living our lives like we believe Jesus could return at any moment.

Have you made preparations for the return of Jesus? Are you born again? Have you placed your faith in Jesus and His work alone for your salvation and eternal life? Christian, are you skipping through this life living neglecting your duty and responsibilities to your Savior? When He comes will He find you ready and alert, looking for His return?

Ready or not, Jesus is coming again! He’s made a promise and He will keep that promise. Please give your life to Christ if you haven’t! Christian, stop letting this old world distract you from the Lord’s will for your life! Live every day as it could be the day Jesus could come again! Be prepared!

In Christ, Preacher Chris


Preacher Chris Rathbone is the former Pastor at Mine Creek Baptist Church and is now serving the Lord as needed while preaching the Gospel. You can read more Good Christian News from Pastor Chris HERE.

You can connect with Preacher Chris on Facebook HERE.