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Great Ways to Beat Summer Brain Drain

(StatePoint) Summer brain drain is real, and this year’s pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. To keep your kids from getting bored while helping them expand their world, incorporate these cool ideas into those long summer days:

• At-home tourism: Many museums and historical sites have ramped up their online exhibitions and interactive features, making a range of programming available to would-be visitors from the safety of their homes. And much of this content is geared toward school-age kids. This can be a great way to spend a rainy day learning something new.

• Music-making: New skills can provide kids with confidence at a time when activities like team sports and theater programs are not possible. Learning an instrument can also lay a foundation for academic success. Check out Casiotone keyboards, which can make learning to play even more fun. Its Dance Music Mode feature divides the keyboard into instrument sections like drums, bass and more. By playing different combinations of keys, kids can create and remix dance music using 50 built-in styles, as well as familiar effects like stutter and filter.

• STEM exploration: At-home science kits offer kids unplugged, hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to imagine their room is a real laboratory. Be sure to also check out cool online resources that help kids strengthen their math skills. For example, Casio Cares, a remote learning site offering projects, educational videos, math lessons and self-paced webinars, can be a vital summer tool for students who want to start strong in STEM this fall.

• Summer reading challenge: Many local libraries and school districts host summer reading challenges. Check these out or create your very own. No matter how the challenge works, by participating, kids will likely discover that reading is its own reward.

• Movie magic: Using just a smartphone and some simple editing software, children can learn to shoot and edit their own films. Celebrate their accomplishments while taking advantage of summer evenings by screening the films in the backyard with a Casio Projector, which offers easy set-up and the ability to transition from daytime to nighttime viewing.

Beating summer brain drain is possible. With a little creativity and the use of new tools, families can keep kids engaged during the dog days of summer for a stronger start to the school year.

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) Kerkez / iStock via Getty Images Plus

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