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Come And Bathe Our Nation In Prayer!

By Marlene Houk

Burke CountyMarlene Houk Burke County


Colossians 2:6-7 “Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.”

On Thursday, May 5, the people who support the National Day of Prayer invite all to gather and pray for our nation. Thousands will join others to pray for seven parts of our beloved country’s society during a brief hour at 12:00 noon. Leaders will pray for the church, education, media, government, business, the military, and our families.

The theme of National Day of Prayer this year is: Exalt the Lord. We exalt the Lord by praising Him for His power, love, and care for us. And we do this often by using a powerful tool that God offers to us—the tool of prayer.

By prayer, both little children and herculean men wield the same two-edged sword against our enemy, the devil. Through prayer, the icy cold chasms of hatred and prejudice move their mountains closer together. Because prayer bestows on us an Atlas-like strength, we feel compelled to conquer evil, vanquish hatred, and subdue our wild hearts. And through the mighty cleansing power of prayer, the waves of truth and love wash away regret and shame.

Prayer is, by definition, a:

Place we travel to a spiritual point that

Rules our hearts and minds with godly light,

Adding golden treasures to our trove of wisdom while

Yielding to the greatest power in the universe, the King of Kings!

Children delight in answered prayer. Years ago, my dainty, slender five-year-old stared, mesmerized, as I read from her Precious Moments prayer diary. Her eyes widened with wonder as she realized that a door leading to unknown worlds had opened in her heart. She had prayed that Jesus would help her find her baby doll’s shoe, and it worked! Decades later, she works diligently as a prayer warrior, interceding for others and exalting the Savior. Over the years, the concerned prayers of a five-year-old blossomed into a field of treasure for herself and others. Prayer deepens our relationship with the King of Kings as we discover more about Him through the act of prayer.

We race toward the emergency room, some 20 miles down the dark, quiet interstate, my husband groaning pitifully in the passenger seat. “Please,” I pray, “take the pain.” Four words. Over and over. And he answered a distraught wife’s prayer for relief from the kidney stone. Prayer brings sweet relief from the worries and anxieties when we lose control of life.

“What can I do?” my eighty-six-year-old mother says from her wheelchair.,

“There’s plenty I exclaim. Pray, Praise, and Prepare to enjoy heavenly glories!” With prayer, she could climb Mount Everests back from defeat, plunge into refreshing living waters, and re-surface with renewed strength and purpose.

Prayer enfolds old and young, mighty and dainty, lighting a way through the darkness of fear and the unknown.  The discipline of prayer offers to change an attitude of the heart as well as extend to us the use of an accepted piece of armor to resist the enemy. To pray is to engage the services of angels as they attend to the minutia and the mountainous concerns of the Bride of Christ.

Prayer moves mountains, creates paths, annihilates giants with tiny spears of fear, and unfolds the panorama of a shining eternity with Him!

By it, nations can affect their destiny and change history’s course through the channels of life. This is proven by our own United States. We are a nation rich in prayer and historically familiar with the breathtaking honor of approaching the King of Kings in His throne room. We are invited there, and the invitation lies regally upon the tables of our hearts. Respond as quickly as possible for it is a great honor to enter His presence!

Prayer is ensconced in the bedrock of our nation, liberally plastered on the walls of our stories, and recorded in our tomes. Our leaders have recognized its power and humbled themselves to participate in its empowering embrace.

Your invitation to the National Day of Prayer has been extended. Come pray with us for the well-being of America and for those in leadership next Thursday, May 5, 2022, at 12:00 Noon at the designated place in your county. Let’s exalt the Lord Jesus Christ together!


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