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COVID and Indoctrination in the USA

By Doug Harrell

Mitchell CountyDoug Harrell Mitchell County Covid


I just got off texting with a local physician that I respect about treatment for COVID and was told that the prescribed treatment was no treatment.  This particular doctor was having to prescribe medication including ivermectin and others by doing it for some other reason.  I have seen literally dozens of highly acclaimed medical professionals that have given testimony after testimony on this and that several treatments have tremendous success in treating the virus.

Now I don’t have any medical expertise and am not a doctor, not even a registered cow doctor even though I treat a lot of cattle, but I truly believe that we as a people and a nation are being sold down the road by the powers of evil that surround us today.  There is such as a push to have everyone vaccinated and having proof that you must show to do anything.  That scares me to death.  This vaccine passport that the world is trying to shove down our throats is so intrusive that it reminds me of the biblical mark of the beast.  It appears that the ultimate goal is to be able to track each of us and bar us from being able to do anything without this so-called, stamp of approval.  If we all have our barcode that we have to sign before we do anything then someone has total control over us and we are no longer a free person or a free nation.  We are all subjected to the rule of the ruler, whoever that might be.

I had a call from a dear sweet girl that is a college student this morning asking me to pray for her because the school was trying to mandate that if she was to participate, she must be vaccinated.  Now I think that it should be anyone’s right to do that if they wish. I do get flu vaccines and others, but it is illegal to ask me when I go to board a plane or ship or go to the grocery store if I have had my shots.  We, as citizens of this great nation, must stand upon our constitution and protect our freedoms as never before in my lifetime.  Many want constant monitoring by the government.  In fact, just yesterday I saw a survey that shows that 65% of the people in one of our political parties want and is in favor of total governmental monitoring, amazing!

Just yesterday I received a message from our Lt. Governor outlining indoctrination literature that was seeking to teach our children that wrong was right and right was wrong.  Things that were totally against anything and everything that God’s word says.  It appears that gone are the days that school was to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic but seeking to transform our children into a lifestyle that will bring nothing but sadness and dismay over all their years.  We are blessed here in the mountains that we still have a very large number of teachers that are grounded in faith and belief, that are still focused on doing what is right for our children but make no mistake, many are not of that mindset nationwide.

My life lesson for this is that if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.  Determine today to be a better father, mother, brother, sister, or friend to those around you.  Be brave in proclaiming God’s goodness and grace, be not ashamed of being a Christian, and letting those around you know that there is no doubt that you are.


Doug Harrell is a life-long resident of Mitchell County, Owner of Harrell Hill Farms, a member of Bear Creek Baptist Church, and former publisher of Blue Ridge Christian News. You can find him on Facebook at

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