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Dive In!

By Kurt Bomar

Avery Countykurt bomar Walnut Grove Church avery county


We’ve all done it. We’ve waded into a chilly pool or stream on a hot day in anticipation of refreshment. But then our toes hit the cold water and we think, “Do I really want to do this?” Little by little we continue to question our total commitment as we slowly wade in (all the while looking over our shoulder to make sure someone doesn’t splash us or push us in.). Finally, we realize the torture of the slow approach is too much to bear and we make the full plunge. Then we think, “Why didn’t I do that from the beginning, this feels great!”

There’s a story in the Bible that reminds me of this summertime ritual in Ezekiel 47. There Ezekiel is led to the waters flowing from the Temple. First, he steps in up to his ankles, then downstream a bit he steps in up to his knees, further down he goes in up to his waist and finally the water is over his head.

Don’t miss the picture here. The Spirit of the Lord is always inviting us to step into the waters (water in Scripture often is a  picture of the Holy Spirit).

Some of us will wade in up to our ankles and be content to stay there. That is, we are standing in Christ and believing in Him.

Others choose to go deeper, up to their knees. Our knees are a picture of prayer, we fall on them and pray for others.

Others go deeper yet, up to their waist. Our waist is a picture of the reproductive part of our body, these people share their faith and reproduce other Christians by actively witnessing to a lost world.

And finally, others just take the plunge allowing the Lord to have His will over their lives, totally surrendering to Him day by day and hour by hour.

Each level of commitment brings with it a level of refreshment, but as we have all learned at the pool, the greatest refreshment comes when we make a total commitment.

Where are you in your level of commitment? Are you a solid believer, not being tossed to and fro in your faith? Do you have a daily pattern of prayer for others? Is it a priority for you to share your faith? Have you placed the Lord on the throne of your life giving Him free reign to rule over your every decision?

Here’s the special part. Jesus invites us to go all out for Him and he promises a level of refreshment that can only be maximized by taking the full plunge. But at the same time, He is the perfect gentleman, He will invite, but He will not force. It’s up to us.

My suggestion? Dive in, take the plunge!

Selah (think about it)


Kurt Bomar is the pastor of Walnut Grove Church located in Avery County. You are welcome to join them on Sundays at 11:00 AM for worship! (When we are allowed to meet in the building again). You can read more Christian news from Kurt Bomar HERE.