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Forgiving How To

By Joe Sturz

Shenandoah, VirginiaJoe Sturz Shenandoah Virginia


Dear Friend,

The Lord Commands Christians to forgive others or He will not forgive us for our offenses to Him in breaking His laws (Mat. 6:14-15). Ask the Lord to bring to your mind any unforgiveness you hold toward anyone and then take steps to resolve this (Romans 7:23-25; Ephesians 4:22-27). Here are some practical ways to resolve unforgiveness:

–do not let the sun go down on your anger but seek reconciliation and peace right away so that resentment and bitterness do not settle in you (Ephesians 4:22-27),

–pray for the salvation and/or blessing of those that have mistreated you and seek to do good to those that have offended you (Matthew 5:43-44),

–brush away the remembrances of offenses that you have forgiven, whenever they come to mind (II Corinthians 10:3-5), do not dwell on them or you will become angry all over again and the devil gets a foothold (Ephesians 4:26-27).

So let us keep forgiving others for the personal pain and humiliation they cause us no matter how many times they offend and/or mistreat us as the Lord commands us (Matthew 18:21-35) and let the Lord deal with their wickedness (Romans 12:17-21).   Let us dwell on the good, true, lovely, and pure thoughts in the power of the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:6: II Corinthians 10:5; Romans 8:5-11; 12:2; Philippians 4:8). Let us grow in God’s grace as we suffer the trials and tribulations that come to us (Romans 5:1- 5) as we follow the plan of God for our lives (Psalm 37:23-24;    Ephesians 2:8-10).

Brother Joe “forgiving and forgetting” Sturz June 14, 2022:
I became a Christian when I repented of my sins (I John 1:9) and trusted personally in Jesus Christ’s suffering and dying on the cross in my place to take God’s punishment for my sin and rising from the dead to secure a place in heaven for me (I Cor. 15:1-4).    And now I follow Him (John 8:31-32). Do you?

A true believer accepts and acts on the Good News of the Gospel, which is: that Jesus Christ the innocent one, suffered and died on the cross to satisfy the Holy God’s just punishment for the sins of His people ( John 10:14-18; I Peter 1:18-23). With His justice satisfied by punishing His Son instead of sinners He could justly grant sinners mercy and forgiveness and so secure a heavenly inheritance for those that believe and follow Him (I Cor. 15:1-4; Ephesians 1:10-14).
When you repent of your sin, you receive His forgiveness (I John 1:9). Then you must trust in Christ alone for salvation (Romans 10:9-10) and live for Him out of gratitude for saving you (Acts 1:8; Philippians 3:13-14).                                                  Hear or read the Bible daily (Acts 17:11). Be baptized and attend a local Bible-believing church (Acts 2:38-41, 47). While attending church you will be equipped to share your faith with others and apply God’s Law word in every area of your life (Acts 2:46-47; Ephesians 4:12-16). Thereby becoming one of Christ’s kingdom builders (Mat. 6:30-34).
If you have already received Christ but are not living for Him as you should then now is the time to truly repent of your sin of backsliding, rededicate your life to Him, change your ways and become active in a local church again (Hebrews 10:25). Facebook YouTube Sharing what the Lord has taught me through His Word, my mistakes, failures, and successes in my 42 years of marriage before my beloved went to heaven and 51+ years as a Biblical counselor.
I am a Christian having no position of power but I do have dominion under God     (Psalm 8:4-9) Who is the Creator and owner of all. As an heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ (Romans 8:16-17) I possess all things in Christ (II Cor. 6:10).  And to the extent, I obey and speak His comprehensive Law Word (Ps.119:96).   I speak with His authority in every area of creation.
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Joe Sturz is a Christian counselor at Sturz Christian Counseling Service and lives in Page County, Virginia. You can learn more at  Joe has a passion for ministering to people with problems and sharing what the Lord has taught him through: His Word, his (Joe’s) mistakes, failures and successes and over 47 years as a Biblical counselor applying all of the Bible to all of life in daily messages on Facebook and email.

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