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Our Nation, One God Indivisible

By Nancy Malik

Avery County

Nancy Malik Avery County

Nancy Malik


July is a month of memories of the most unique country in the world that was based on the Word of God.  Brave men and women gave their lives in countless battles to declare independence from England.  In 1776, our Declaration of Independence was a fire that blew across the world, for people of other nations, to come and live freely.

There are dark spots in this free country.  People groups of Native Americans were put on poor reservations.  The slave population that was set free after the Civil War had hard times living with that freedom due to people in the north and south continuing to keep them “under control.”

Many wars have come and gone for this great land, whose emblem is the Bald Eagle.  A proud bird that represents freedom in the way they live.  To watch them soar through the sky, raise and feed their babies, and know that they are the pride of this nation has always given America hope.  But many in America and the world are losing their hope.  Work, family issues, lack of money, and anger are big items in today’s world.

We watch our young grow and learn.  After Covid, this world has been totally changed and so has our way of life.  Fear has taken over and many of our youth cannot find the way back.  Churches are closing weekly, numbers are the lowest recorded and people seem to have lost their way.  End time prophetic books of the Bible discuss this time and show exactly how it will be.  Families against each other, Christians hurting other Christians, food shortages, gas prices climbing, murders every day, and more violent acts.  Good will be bad, bad will be good and on and on it goes.

But take heart!  Jesus gave us all of this history today so we would be prepared for the hard times coming that will not be easy.  Keep your eyes and heart on Him.  He is the way, the truth, and the life!  He loves His body, that is all the believers who have ever lived.  Reach out to each other and help those who need it to the best of your ability.  Need help?  Call a trusted family member or friend for prayer.  Don’t have anyone here?  Let God lead you to a believing church that will include you in its body.

We are in a troubled time, but also the most exciting of times!  For God so loves the whole world, that He gave His Only Son (Jesus) that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life! And He is returning soon!

A relationship of trust, love, and obedience to Him after asking forgiveness of wrongs done in your life will set you free!  The Holy Spirit will guide you.  Need someone to talk to?  Ask Jesus to guide you to a person of peace!  A pastor, Christian, or church that can help you on your path to freedom.  Pray for direction from Him and let Him take you on a journey you never thought possible!  Life!

I live in Avery County and have been active in visiting churches and praying heartedly for Revival!  Please pray with me.


Nancy Malik has lived in Avery County for five years. She attends Newland Christian Church She has taught creation science to children for many years. You will be blessed to listen to her audio devotions for children HERE.