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God Gave Them Up

By Steve Williams

Mitchell CountyGod Gave Them Up


Howdy Folks,

Can you believe that the United States is traveling down the road it is on today? Have you ever asked yourself why this may be happening? The Bible says in Ps 81:11, 12 But my people would not hearken to my voice;… So I gave them up unto their own hearts’ lust: and they walked in their own counsels. May I tell you that these are perilous days in which we’re living. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. We are on a collision course with disaster and judgment of God, and you can see this in many ways. Crime is on a rise like never before. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. Families have been destroyed, millions of babies are being destroyed in their mothers’ womb, suicide and violent crime are at the top of the list. If you talk to people and say that the problem is a sin they will disagree with you, because today sin is out of date. Do you know what the only sin is today? The only sin today is to call sin, sin. Then if you call sin, sin, they say you are intolerant, or a bigot or racist.

In the day that we are living, a man may be sick but he’s not sinful, he may be weak but he’s not wicked, he may be ill but he’s not evil. If we were to tell people that what they’re doing is wrong, they would have some excuse. It would be the environment, it would be genetics, it would be ignorance, but nobody wants to be blamed, everybody wants to be sympathized with and pampered, them and their sin. People who sin bring upon themselves the Judgement and Wrath of God. Now we hear a lot about the love of God. God is love, His infinite love, His boundless love, He’s measureless in His love. We say that God is love. Understand this God of love is also a God of Judgment and when you love righteousness, you will also hate sin. It is like this: The doctor who loves good health hates microbes and germs.  Like the COVID Virus. When you love children, you hate child pornography, you hate child abuse. So, you see, you cannot have a God of Love without also having a God of Wrath or Judgement. If you just take the love of God and that’s all you hear, you only have half of the story.

     There is one thing that we have learned from history and that is we have failed to learn from it. History shows us clearly when you leave God out of your life, God will give you up. Paul even wrote on this in Romans 1:18-32. Please take the time to read this if you will. When Paul wrote this passage to Rome it was relevant then and it is relevant even in the day that we are living. Again, you can’t leave God out because if you leave God out long enough God Will Give You Up. God cannot interfere with your choices of leaving Him out of your life. If God did interfere with man’s choices, man’s free will, our freedom to make choices, they would be nothing but a robot, forced to do God’s will. So when a man turns away from God, he himself makes the choice to do so, and God cannot and will not interfere. When a man chooses to turn his back on God, then God has no other choice but to abandon man and allow them to do as they have chosen.

God gives man up according to the Bible due to two sins, Pride and the Lust. America has become a prideful nation. A large number of people no longer see or feel a need for God to be a part of our nation. They have taken prayer out of school. They want to take 10 Commandments down, they want to take In God We Trust off our money, and now they want to take God out of our pledge of allegiance to the American Flag. Now, is that not a prideful people?

We are also overwhelmed with the lust in this nation we live in. Sex sells and promotes almost everything. The things of this world, entice us. It seems that we can never have enough. Husbands and wives alike are willing to sell their families out for a one night fling. Husbands and wives are willing to put their families in such a debt that if they don’t watch it we will lose all they have because they think that the things they want are what is going to make them happy. They lust after the things of this world.

My prayer is that God will open the eyes of this sinful world and help them to see how much they need God in their lives and also in our nation before He Gives us up.

Pastor Steve Williams

Words of Wisdom:

  • He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep gaining what he cannot lose. Jim Elliot
  • If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. Lewis Carroll
  • When in doubt don’t.   Benjamin Franklin
  • The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds. John F. Kennedy  


Something to think about:

  1. If you turn your back on God, what do you have to look forward to?
  2. __ __  L L


Steve Williams is the pastor of Berry Chapel Baptist Church in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. You can read more good news from Steve HERE.