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How Founding Father John Adams Served Our Country

By David Streater, Ph.D.

Burke County, NCDavid Streater Burke County foundation forward charters of freedom


This is an American history educational moment of those who made a difference during the Revolutionary War era and how they served our Country.

John Adams was born in 1735, outside Boston, and graduated from Harvard College in 1755.  He became an attorney as he did not like teaching school.  Then, Samuel Adams convinced John to become a politician opposing England’s oppression and taxation on the colonists.

While Adams was a Continental Congressman, he persuaded Thomas Jefferson to author the Declaration of Independence.  Adams related that, unlike himself, Jefferson was a great writer, personable, and popular.  Being confrontational, Adams was known as a “principled radical.”  An example is Adams successfully defending British soldiers who shot into a crowd during the Boston Massacre; this made him disliked for doing the right thing.

Due to his sarcastic personality, Adams was not only a successful defense attorney and statesman, but he also had an exceptional ability to understand and resolve complex problems.  These traits served Adams well in his high-level positions after the Revolution, including being the Vice-President of the United States and the second President of the United States.  As President, John dealt with serious international relations and immigration issues.

Of all his accomplishments, Adams greatly cherished his off-and-on friendship with Thomas Jefferson, and more so, his life-long love affair with his wife, Abigail.  Ironically, Adams and Jefferson died within hours of each other on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence.

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Dr. David Streater is the director of education for Foundation Forward.  He is a retired college instructor and administrator, and a retired probation and parole officer/administrator.  David is a criminologist who has an acute history interest, served in the Navy, and is a resident of Burke County, NC.

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