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It’s Too Late

By Todd Abraham

Athens, TennesseeTodd Abraham heartbeat Christian news


For many people today, as far as salvation is concerned, it’s too late! God’s already turned them over to a reprobate mind. The world we live in, if you haven’t noticed, is covered in gross spiritual darkness. Technology, especially smartphones, has most hypnotized. They live for that next alert, notification, e-mail, text, and so on. They wake up and check their phone first thing. The last thing they do before they close their eyes is checked their phone. Afraid they are going to miss something. Their minds are consumed with carnal things that God never intended to consume our minds with. Many of you reading this are idolaters of your smartphones but don’t dare to own up to it. I suppose you think God is going to excuse you somehow but not so, friend.

Think of the vast amount of Christians who are missing God, all the while thinking they are right with God because they believe that heinous doctrine of “once saved, always saved”. I’m in no way a prophet of God but I feel like the prophets I’m sure in the sense that God has had me warning the readers of Heartbeat Christian News for years about the dangers of smartphones and technology but no one seemingly is listening. The only hope you have, the ones who are smartphone idolaters, is that God will give you a window of grace and severe judgment that will be enough to break you from it and allow for a space of repentance. But you are still going to have to pay for the idolatry because God forgives but He doesn’t remove the correction.

Have you considered how most people can’t even do the simplest tasks without checking that little idol? Things we take for granted like walking, driving, spending time with family, watching TV, hanging out with friends, and, worst of all, CHURCH! Most parents now have all but abandoned their responsibilities as parents because of these wicked little devices. Moms neglect their babies and toddlers, ignoring their children while eating out, and endangering their own lives and that of their family by driving distracted. Dads I’m not omitting you. Many of you are just as guilty. One of the worst effects is just how much time during your average day is consumed by these phones.

Here’s a challenge for anyone reading this. I challenge you to take one whole hour of silence with all digital devices turned completely off. During this hour, take a pen and notepad and write down how much time you spend on your smartphone. It must be one entire hour and, if anyone distracts you at all, you have to start over. If any of you have the gumption to do this, please call/text me at (423) 381-0925 and let me know the results. Or you can e-mail me at If I get one person to respond, honestly I will be very surprised. As I’ve written before, it’s God Almighty that put it on my heart to write this article every month for years and always gives me the material for it. And yet, I have NEVER heard of one person who has contacted me and said they ditched their smartphone and went back to a basic phone. Which tells me one thing. For many of you, it’s too late.

Let me be bold here. If you tell me you can’t do your work without a smartphone, you are a liar! If you tell me you can’t live without it period, you are a liar. Ironically, society recognizes addictions such as alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes but very few admit that smartphones are an addiction. But God does! Also, you know what else I’ve never had to happen? I’ve never had one preacher, except my pastors, contact me and let me know just how dead on this article is.

In closing, I will confess something personally to add to the weight of the importance of this article. I took a part-time job last year and had to get an iPad connected cellularly to do the job. God chastened me sorely until I got rid of it. Even after I disconnected the cellular part, He still beat me. You either live what you preach or get out of the pulpit!


My name is Todd Abraham. I’m an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of Heartbeat Christian News which has been in publication for 9 years now by the grace of God. You can read all about it at


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