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Never2Scarred Christian Rehab for Ladies Opens in Mitchell County

By Beverly Williams

Mitchell Countybeverly williams never2scarred ministry mitchell county



Sitting here in the Never2scarred/ Hope House is a little overwhelming. To just stop and think about my life six years ago was what I thought was hopeless. I was living a life of addiction for seventeen years. It was a life full of shame, guilt, discouragement, confusion, scared, fear, anxiety, failure, weak, not enough believing, I would always be this way and there was not any point in even living anymore. I was hopeless with no future. But you see God had other plans for my life. Jeremiah 29:11. After many years of believing the lies of the enemy I had enough and made plans of how I would end my life. But again Jeremiah 29:11 so on February 7, 2016, as I was trying to carry out my plan for death I ran straight into the arms of God on Roan Mountain. It was on that very Mountain that I surrendered my life to God and was free from addiction.

On October 19, 2016, God gave me a vision that one day I would be helping other ladies and telling them how to find true freedom. The freedom that I have found is only found in Jesus Christ alone. I am no longer hopeless but HOPEFUL and now living in God’s truths. I am forgiven, chosen, loved, and blessed beyond words. On August 20, 2019, God woke me up during the night and gave me the layout plan of this vision he had shared with me. Then on August 30, 2020, God allowed me to share my vision with Mitchell County Recovery Ministry. Over the past year, God has allowed me to speak on this vision around the surrounding counties and even state-wide. We have also had our first annual luncheon for women and our first Never2scarred motorcycle ride to raise funding for the ministry. On August 23, 2021, the board members signed the papers to take over a bed and breakfast house for our ministry. This was the very house God showed me was to be our first home back in October 2019. On September 1, 2021, we had a blessing and dedicated the HOPE HOUSE to the Lord. The plan is to have a Grand Opening on October 16, 2021, in celebration of what God has done to make this vision spread throughout Mitchell, Yancey, Avery, and other surrounding counties. We hope that we will be able to open our doors in 2021 to provide those ladies in need of personal care, spiritual love and to overcome the addiction that has taken over their minds, souls, and life. As director of this ministry program, I am very excited to be a part of the plan to provide hope to many women within our area who have not had any hope for a very long time.

Because we are a 501c3 non-profit we need donations to help support this ministry. Therefore I am available to come to speak to your church, organization, community outreach, school, etc. Volunteers will be a bigger part of the N2S Ministry. If you are interested in becoming a part of the N2S volunteer program the following are some of the needs we have:

  • Teaching & Discipline women that their true self-worth is in Christ alone through Bible Studies
  • Teaching women WHO LOVE is, How to show love and express love in a healthy way
  • Teaching women how to have & make healthy relationships
  • Teaching women how to take care of self, hygiene, healthy cooking, and cleaning…
  • Have One on One Christian Counseling
  • Offer basic education skills classes…, how to get a job, pay bills, save money, social skills, and step study through Celebrate Recovery

To be an approved volunteer at N2S who will work with the ladies, you must attend one of our volunteer training, apply by submitting an application, and be approved by the board. Visitors can do services such as volunteering for an event host at the house with a church group without taking the training.  A visitor may be someone who is dropping by to deliver a donation, meal, or participating in an outing for the residence.

If you are an approved volunteer bringing a group of visitors into the house, please review the appropriate rules about dress, money, gifts, conversations, and so on, with your group before your visit.  A list of names of those attending will be needed before your visit. Contact Jessica Williams at 828-467-7243 for more information about volunteering or the ministry.


Beverly Williams is from Mitchell County. Lives in Bakersville with her two children, Jaydin & Jett. Never2scarred Ministry/ Hope House Director and Celebrate Recovery Ministry Ladies Leader.


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