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Notes from the “Shire” (Avery County)

By Nancy Malik

Avery County



Hello to the body of Christ of the High Country and those who want to know what that means!  It is a joy to work with a newspaper committed to the Christian community in this beautiful area of the United States.  BRCN and WECR radio in Avery County are working together to reach this entire region for Christ.  Bits and Pieces, found in the middle of the paper, lists many events happening within this area of the mountains.  Columnists are writing about the Christian life and so many ways to get involved and pray for their work.  Starting in September I will be giving creation spots Monday-Fridays for children on WECR Glory Radio 1130.


God’s creation is full of His glory and the Blue Ridge Mountains wear it so well.  The four seasons hold delights of their own.  With mountains, lakes, streams, forests, flowers, wonderful wildlife and Christmas trees, it is heavenly.  In mid-August, I went to the top of a mountain before first light to view a month-long meteorite shower and was blessed with the view of two

of them scanning the sky horizon to horizon.  The skies truly declare the glory of God! He named each star in the sky.  Also, heart shape rocks are found around this area.  Another gift of The Creator to let the High Country know how much He loves His special place.


Fall is coming soon as a reminder of the seasons of the year and life with new growth in spring, fullness in summer, winding down in fall and then cold and dark in the winter. The four seasons here remind us of His promises in life with a cycle year in and year out.  They remind us of His promises in life and who He is, The Creator.  The six counties that BRCN’s reaches out to encompass a unique place. Prayer power is the norm in this place.  Sharing the Lord is a common event and it shows.  The BRCN and WECR radio and two great formats to support to allow the High Country Body of Christ connect.  Please consider placing ads, articles, participating in Bits and Pieces (free) and be involved with the Church of this “set apart” place to draw together.  We live in an exciting time!  Be blessed! You are loved, deeply!


Blessings, Nancy