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“For with God nothing shall be impossible”   Luke 1:37

By Chastity Ogburn

Avery CountyChastity Ogburn Anne Ministries Avery County

I have been reflecting and reading the Christmas story as we approach celebrating the birth of our Savior. I was reminded of how good God is. He is all-knowing and all-powerful, He is a good God even when things don’t make sense. God is a faithful God, when He calls us to do something we can trust Him to do what we cannot do and we can trust His timing.

In the first chapter of Luke, Mary asked the angel Gabriel, “How can this be?”

The angel had just told this teenage young girl that she would conceive and become pregnant by the Holy Spirit. He told Mary she would give birth to a son and she should call his name JESUS. The angel proceeds to tell her He would be great and He would be called the Son of God. Wow, can you imagine? Mary must have been scared and confused wondering how this all could be. She was a virgin.

Then she was told by the angel that her cousin Elizabeth who was old in age and had been barren for years was now pregnant. She was actually six months pregnant. Wow! Gabriel is pronouncing some big things.

I love what Gabriel said as Mary was questioning and pondering all these things, “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. This verse tells of God’s mighty power. What powerful truth is said in these seven words?

We then read in Luke 1:38 about Mary’s obedience and surrender to the call. She hurried and went to visit Elizabeth and they shared in all that God was doing. I can imagine that they are both in awe of our all-knowing, all-powerful, good God.

Elizabeth tells Mary she is blessed for believing in the promises of God. Mary obeyed, trusted, and believed in all that God would do. She embraced her calling. What an example of great faith in our faithful God.

Today, as you are reading this, has God called you to something that seems impossible?

Friend, I would like to encourage you to trust in our good and faithful God.

There have been times in my own life God called me to do something and like Mary, I questioned, “God, how can this be? God, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t feel qualified to do this. This seems way too hard for me.  What’s gonna happen? I’m scared.”

God wants us to trust Him and His timing because we can’t but He can. I can testify that when I obey the call and surrender to God’s plans and not my own He is always faithful to do all that He has promised. I have seen God many times perform what He said He would do and it has built my faith that much more. I thank Him for the blessings and miracles I have seen him do in my own life and the life of Anne Ministries. Let’s believe like Mary that God will do what He has promised. It may not be on our schedule, there may be a delay but God is still good in the delay. God is an amazing good God, He wants to bless your life. When it seems like all is lost and broken, believe God for the miracle. I’m thankful Mary believed in the miracle. She was faithful to the call. She birthed Jesus our wonderful Savior.  Friend, don’t lose hope. God sees what we can’t. He redeems. He rescues. He provides.

“With God nothing shall be impossible”. Luke 1:37


In 2018, the Lord put on my heart the calling to reach out to those hurting from loss. Anne Ministries began in September of 2018. Anne means “grace” and that is what this ministry is about, extending God’s grace and allowing Him to heal your deepest hurt. This ministry reaches out to those hurting from abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. The ministry expanded in 2021 offering pregnancy support services to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Chastity and her family attend Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newland, NC. You can purchase her book, His Grace Covers All, on Amazon HERE.

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