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Partner With Churches

By Leah Johnson

Mitchell CountyLeah Johnson pregnancy care center

Here at the Center, the Lord has been bringing the same thing to mind lately, and I wanted to share it with you! We exist to love clients and their families while sharing the Gospel. We look for ways to ease their burdens and make them feel seen. We have a lot of things to offer, and we can shine the Light for every person walking through these doors. We can encourage and connect clients to local resources. We can offer them alternatives so they don’t choose abortion. We are limited though: The Center cannot provide a church family for clients.

We are the bridge, and sometimes we are a safe place for people to come when they wouldn’t normally walk through the doors of a church. Churches and individuals like you have been so gracious to give financially, and we are continuously grateful for that! We are beginning to look for ways to put our clients in a relationship with YOU. We don’t want the Center to be the only place they meet people of God who will treat them with love and compassion.

Some practical ways we have begun this process include welcoming churches to cook meals for our men’s class and small groups putting together bags for holidays. Christmas and Valentine’s bags have made such a HUGE impact! We let clients know exactly who provided these things. They need to know their whole community is cheering them on and supporting them.

Can I be honest with you? Many of our clients tell us about how churches have deeply wounded them or ignored them, and it breaks my heart! We want to partner with churches that can be a soft place to land for our clients. They need somewhere to go where the people know how to speak the Truth in Love to them. They need a place willing to love their children and gather around them to support and encourage them in the Lord. Clients are asking us for recommendations of churches. Is your church willing and able to walk with people from hard places?

If you feel called to get involved, here are some upcoming ways you or your church can be a part:     1) Help us throw a household shower for a brave mama who just moved into a house 2) Gather people in your church or small group to make freezer meals for our mamas when they deliver 3)Donate gift cards to help celebrate clients on their birthdays 4) Volunteer to lead a Bible study at your church for clients. We are also open to discussing other ways you may identify to tangibly connect with our clients.

M.Y. Life Center (Formerly Tri-County Pregnancy Center)  is located in Burnsville at 112 Mercy Street. We offer compassionate support and love to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy or wishing to prepare for childbirth and/or improve their parenting skills through the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ.  To contact us or learn more about our services, visit www.mylifefamilycenter.com


Leah Johnson is a wife and mom of two. She is the Executive Director at M.Y. Life Center and volunteer Advocate for Mitchell/Yancey Forgotten Initiative


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