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Son Of Man

By Robert Garner

Rutherford CountyRobert Garner Rutherford County


The entirety of this article, Son Of Man, is brought to you by the Beacon, Issue 1, Journal of Biblical Linguistics,  This wonderful article highlights the divine nature of the Messiah, with the continuity of God’s covenant people.

“Unlocking the Mysteries of “The Son of Man”. The enigmatic phrase “Son of Man” permeates the pages of Scripture, from the poetic verses of Ezekiel to the eschatological teachings of Christ. It conveys multifaceted layers of meaning that illuminate the divine nature of Messiah and God’s plan for humanity. [Verse quotations from Jay P. Green’s KJ3 Literal Version]

As we explore the Hebrew and Aramaic origins of this phrase, a tapestry of rich symbolism and insight unfolds. In the Hebrew, the title “Son of Man” is expressed as ben-‘adam.

This construction contains the noun ben meaning “son” and the noun ‘adam which signifies “man” or “mankind”. However, ben denotes more than just a male descendant. It encapsulates membership and belonging to a specific group or typology. For example, Deuteronomy 14:1a (KJ3) states: “You [are] sons of (banim) to Jehovah your God…” indicating a relationship of affiliation and likeness”.

Genesis establishes Seth as the new ben replacing Abel, exemplifying the continuity of a divine lineage. Hebrew thinking placed great emphasis on sonship as a sacred blessing, embodying both physical progeny and a reflection of the image of God. Thus, the “Son of Man” encompasses layered meanings-both membership in the human family and relationship to the divine.

While the Gospels were originally composed in Greek, Christ would have spoken the phrase “Son of Man” in Aramaic. In passages like Daniel 7:13-14, the Aramaic bar enash vividly depicts the cosmic rule and authority of the Son of Man.

The prophet Daniel describes” …[One] like the “Son of Man..” coming with the clouds of heaven and being given everlasting dominion by the Ancient of Days. This prophetic vision powerfully underscores the “Son of Man’s” divine qualities of immortality, glory, kingship, and universal reign.

The New Testament passages depicting Christ as the consummate fulfillment of this apocalyptic “Son of Man” expand upon Daniel’s prophecy. When standing trial before the Sanhedrin, Jesus responds to their questioning by declaring, “And Jesus said, I Am!

“And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming with the clouds of the heaven”. (Mark 14:62).

This intertextual connection cements Christ’s identity as the long-awaited Davidic King ushering in the Kingdom of God. The brilliance of the divine gloriously radiates through the Son of Man title.

In summary, linguistic and textual analysis of the “Son of Man” points to rich theological meaning regarding the divine-human nature of the Messiah, the continuity of God’s covenant people, and the climactic fulfillment of prophecy in the person of Jesus Christ. As we dig deeper into the Word, endless treasures await discovery”.


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Robert W. Garner and his wife live in Union Mills, Rutherford County, NC. He’s a Christian Bible study researcher/writer/coach allied with other Biblical Scripture investigators unaffiliated with any church denominations. Their Scripture research spans 600 years of Christian Bible languages which include English, Hebrew, and Greek. As God Almighty commands in 1 Corinthians 2:13 we search the scriptures; “not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but what the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual with spiritual”; which is a scripture with scripture.

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