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The Inspiring Word

Psalm 104

By Pastor Terry Cheek Th.D.

McDowell County

September begins a new year with many local churches and with it new and revived opportunities for reaching people with the gospel and encouraging the Church with their daily Christian walk. September 2018 is no different concerning this column. There are many men and women around us who want to be in church at least every Sunday morning, however their health or living arrangements prevent it. Many of these folks are hungry to learn more of God’s Word. Beginning this month, I will begin posting a simple Bible study as my monthly column. Maybe you know someone hungry for God’s Word yet unable to attend Church? If so pass this along to them, feel free to use it to evangelize and encourage. Let’s begin our journey through Gods Word with a study of creation.

We will study from Psalm 104, take your Bible and join me there. As we begin let’s think about things that come first. You probably know the first book of your Bible is “Genesis” and it begins with “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (1:1). From this verse it’s obvious the main character of the Bible is God! As such it is impossible for anyone or anything to imitate God. Isiah 44:6 reminds us “Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer of the Lord of hosts: I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.” The only individual to make a similar claim with truth and wisdom is Jesus Christ, see John 1:1.

From Psalm 104:5-9 we are given a picture of Gods Sovereign Power. Let’s begin with creation of earth. From verse 5 we see God as an architect. The Psalmist is telling us that no human being or power other than God Himself can remove or move the earth from its established position. It stands to reason, the one responsible for laying the foundations of the earth possess the only authority to move or remove it as He commands. I have a question for you to seriously consider. Often our world seems out of control, when your world is out of control does it affect the way you pray? Why or why not?

Let’s move our study from creating earth to commanding the waters in Psalm 104:6-9. From our Psalm in verses 1&2 we understand that God is portrayed as clothing Himself with honor and majesty, covering Himself with light. We understand from verses 6-9 that He now covers the earth with deep waters, and at one time these waters stoop above the mountain tops. These particular verses seem to add clarity to Genesis 1:2. The Psalmist almost characterizes the water as a rebellious child, receiving rebuke, and fleeing to their assigned places.

From the Old Testament we understand quite clearly that God has sovereign power over His creation, God is powerful, personal and sovereign in all things. God is to be trusted and faithfully served by those made in His image, and my friend that includes all of us. It’s time again for another question. During times of frustration and discouragement when you feel life is out of control; how can you use the passage to remind yourself, God is in control?

Let’s skip down to verses 24-30 and spend time considering Gods sustaining care. We can also refer to this as God’s providential care. From our reading we quickly realize God’s care for His creation. Yes, judgment will one day cause God to destroy and recreate His earth but until sin and fallen man have pushed Him to do this God will continue to reveal life through the wonders of our seasons and beauty of His creation. Thinking about Gods providential care and His sovereignty gives me another question for you. What situations other than Sunday church services will prompt you to praise God? Why? As we continue to think about providential or sustaining care we cannot forget about the small things of life. Verse 25 talks about the small and great beasts. The earth is full of wonders and discoveries. They are all, big and small part of God’s creation. When there are modern discoveries how do they affect your view of God and His creation?

God’s love and authority is found in His creation, His command, and His care. These are not limited to the earth and water, the moon and sun, these include you and I as made in His image.

I hope you find blessing, hope and encouragement in this column –my prayer is for it to strengthen your relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ.


Terry is pastor of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Marion NC. You can contact Terry by email at or by phone at (828) 460-6120.