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Bear Creek Baptist Church

State of the Child Conference

By Bruce Cannon

Mitchell County

A very informative Conference, Mitchell County’s State Of The Child Conference 2018, will be held at Bear Creek Baptist Church, 327 Bear Creek Church Road, Bakersville on Saturday, October 27th.  The purpose of this event is to allow everyone who attends to get a very explicit, in-depth picture of what the children and youth are dealing with in Mitchell County.

Presenters include the Board of Education, Health Department, Social Services, Sheriff’s Department, Mayland College, Mitchell County Recovery Ministries and the Youth and Children’s Ministry of Bear Creek Baptist Church.

Topics which will be presented include:

-Substance Abuse: How to recognize it and steps to take when suspecting it.

-Internet and Social Media Safety: How to protect your family.

-Local Gang Activity: Is it here in Mitchell? How to recognize it and what to do about it.

-Recognizing the signs of abuse and neglect of children.

-Substance abuse: the effect on the foster care population of Mitchell County.

-Sexually transmitted infections and diseases with a concentration on Hepatitis C.

-What Celebrate Recovery is.  Who it is for. How can it help in the recovery process?

-Pre-college programs, high school equivalencies, and college degrees offered at Mayland.

-Tuition free college credit while in high school.

-Christian Families and Youth Ministry in Generation “Z”.

This conference will provide valuable information to everyone who attends.  Every parent, grandparent, school teacher, Sunday school teacher, and daycare operator/worker needs to attend.

There will be three breakout sessions during the conference providing for as much information gathering as possible.

Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  The Conference begins at 8:30am with coffee.  The actual Conference begins at 9:00am and will conclude with a free lunch at noon.  In addition, there will be a resource fair providing opportunity to get handouts and other free goodies.

Looking forward to seeing you there!