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Thanksgiving Put Into Practice

By Ken and Jan Merop

Avery Countyken and jan merop


There’s an old hymn that instructs us to count our blessings…naming them one by one.  This develops an attitude of praise and gratitude for those people and situations that bring us joy.

But, it isn’t just this thankful attitude that is important.

Like faith, gratitude needs an object of integrity and genuineness to cling to.  Otherwise, it’s just empty words without power.

God is the only one worthy of our faith, trust, and gratitude.  With him as our center, our actions will demonstrate the attitude of our hearts and minds.

At this season of Thanksgiving, my relationship with God the Father through God the Son, Jesus Christ, and the joy of the Holy Spirit indwelling me tops my list.  Closely following is my husband and our children and grandchildren, our parents, brothers, sisters, and the rest of our extended family and friends.

The list is endless as I contemplate God’s protection, guidance, and provision at every bend in life’s road.  I love knowing I belong to God and he belongs to me.

And, God’s words of instruction aren’t only there to enlighten me; but, this unique Word is living and practically touches every aspect of daily living.

My enthusiastic response is gratitude.

Recently while reading in The Word in Life Study Bible published by Thomas Nelson, Inc., I came across some study notes that grouped together several Scriptures.  They portrayed clearly the practicality of the Bible and its instructions for living the Christian life – a life of joy and peace ~ the abundant life Jesus spoke of.

These verses are directed to believers who are new creations in him.  Through his transforming power within, new character traits are budding.  His instructions give the necessary nourishment to turn buds into blooms.

When depending on him, we learn to love in self-sacrificing, encouraging ways.  We develop fruit that is blossoming within us through God’s presence; such as, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  We are encouraged to think new and good thoughts that emphasize truth, purity, and virtue.  At last, we are to clothe ourselves with tender mercies, humility, forgiveness, thanksgiving, and songs of praise.

All of these things touch on the practicality of living the Christian life in Christ’s power.  When we apply them to relationships, finances, decision-making, entertainment, family life, and more, we see how the ordinary can become extraordinary.

And I love what it says in Galatians 5: 22b, “Against such there is no law.”

Put faith into practice with thanksgiving.  Selah

Fall Silent

Sometimes the only response to such beauty is

to fall silent in its presence.

Hush!  And experience a song without sound,

a poem in motion…and yet still.

Intricate beauty on display.

“Everything was created through him and for him…

He holds all creation together.”

Colossians 1: 16 & 17


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