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The Call

By Phillip Greene

Avery County


One of the most common things that we hear in our daily lives as followers of Christ are the words “He called me to this” or “It’s my calling.” While those statements are meant with a good heart and good intentions, I want to explore that for a minute and think truly about what God’s call in our lives may be.

During times that are hard, we tend to get caught up in our own versions of Christianese.  What do I mean by that? It seems that Christians have their own language most days…they talk differently, use different words, and many of which are the canned comments that have been used in the circles of the Church for years.

As I have thought and prayed throughout the days and weeks, something has continued to flood my heart and mind: It is not that we are called to a job or called to live, Christ calls us to Himself. It is when we answer that call that He can then, through us, accomplish His will in us.

This is something that has caused me some struggle in understanding, but I believe that what I am recognizing in this is that we are simply called to Christ. He does not call us to be this way or that way, he simply says come to me. When that call is answered we have removed the resistance that stands in the way of completion.

Think about it.

In Matthew 11:28 he says, “Come unto me…I will give you rest.”

In Mark 5 we see the story of the woman with the issue of blood.  She was a woman who had been shunned by society and deemed unclean and had been battling for years. A woman who knew, in her heart and by faith, if she could just draw near to Him her needs would be met. No matter the size of the crowd, no matter the obstacles in the way, no matter the difficulty in getting there. She knew getting to the hem of His garment would be enough. She just needed a touch from the One who could bring healing.

People thought she was crazy. They thought she did not matter. Jesus thought otherwise.

In fact, Jesus was on the way to Jarius’ home to heal his daughter, walking on the road in the midst of a crowd, and he came to a complete stop and questioned, “Who touched me?” The disciples questioned Him, and people thought He was crazy. He was in a crowd, of course, someone touched Him, but they did not understand.

The woman understood. She was healed. She felt it. She believed.

There is something for us in this. Jesus stopped what He was doing and looked for the one who had touched Him. Look at her response? She came completely clean, with fear and trembling (in reverent awe), she told Jesus everything and He told her that her faith had made her well.

Jesus hears the one. The one crying out. The one who has the faith to touch His garment.

No matter how difficult the journey to get there, it is the attitude of faith that heals us. It is the fear and trembling in us that shows our motive and intent. It is His love that completes us and makes us whole.

He calls us to Himself.

He says we are His and He is accessible.

Keep Praying, do not give up, and don’t give in. Approach the throne of grace with confidence, leave your burdens there, and know that Jesus has heard your prayer! Do not lose heart during difficult times.

1 Peter 5:7 – “Cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you.”


  • Phillip Greene is a resident of Avery County, NC, and is Pastor at Newland Christian Church.  He has been Station Manager at Glory1130 in Newland since 2012 and is active in the local community as a Coach and Public Address Announcer for Avery Athletics. You can access his sermons online at or an archive of his articles at