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NEVER2SCARRED Ministry Hope House

By Jessica Williams

Mitchell County

This is Jessica Williams, Director and I would like to take this time to introduce you to NEVER2SCARRED MINISTRY/HOPE HOUSE located in Spruce Pine, NC. We are an in-house Christ-centered ministry for helping women to recover from addictions to drugs and alcohol. Our program is a 6-month intensive healing and heart restoration, work therapy program for women that includes housing and educational resources for women through Christian leaders that volunteer their time weekly.

They receive teaching WHO LOVE is, How to show love, and express love in a Healthy way. How to have and make healthy relationships, how to take care of themselves, hygiene, healthy cooking, cleaning… They have One-on-one Christian Counseling and basic education skills …GED, how to get a job, pay bills, save money, and social skills.

We officially opened for residence on April 16, 2022. Our ladies began to come on April 16th and we now have seven ladies living at the Hope House at this time. Including our full-time night manager, Susan Davis, a recent graduate of the program, and our weekend manager, Ange Meade also a graduate of the program.

They also have praise and worship with Debbie Forb, Bible studies with Dr. Rocky Branch, Barbara Macomber, Shirley Marsh, Linda B. Pitman, and Janice Branch They also attend Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays. Tanya Phillips and Debbie Forb teach cooking, life skills, and nutrition weekly.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer can go online, fill out an application, and read all the rules and regulations to become a volunteer.

We begin Family Day at the Hope House on September 13th, 2022 which allows those who have been at residence for at least 30 days to have their family attend. Family Day is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of every month. Refreshments and/or meals are provided for everyone in attendance. Several days have had meals donated by a family person.

The ladies are involved with the organization, Sewing Seeds”, a ministry that makes dresses for girls and shorts for boys in foreign countries. Our ladies have been participating in sewing these once a month at Bear Creek Baptist Church. It has been a very rewarding experience for them all.

Our prayer request at this time is for the transition house plans to move forward and become a reality for the ladies who finish the recovery program. At this time our biggest need is a 16-passenger van to be able to transport all the ladies to appointments, outings, and church services and monitory donations for expenses.

If churches and organizations are interested in our ministry coming to speak we are willing to schedule a date and time. Just call Jessica at 828-467-7243. Our ladies can share their testimonies, sing as a group, and help with events as part of their giving back to the community.

Women interested in becoming residents should go online and read all materials with qualifications, and rules and fill out the information needed to apply. You can also find on line our website online: There you can find instructions for donating to our ministry and locate what needs we have at this time. We also have a Facebook page that is updated regularly. We are a 50c13 ministry, so donations can be tax deductible.

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