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Thousands Find Jesus in Kenya

By Simon Odhiambo

Eldoret, KenyaPastor Simon helps thousands find Jesus in kenya


Praise the Lord dear brothers who are reading this word article. May the Lord bless you as you go through it. My name is Simon Odhiambo, a believer, and a pastor who preaches the truth of the gospel. I live in a slum called Langas in Eldoret, Kenya which is in Africa. I’m.father of two biologically but with many spiritual children including some orphans, I am taking care of.

I pastor in a church called Word of Life Harvest Church which had a total of 253 members long before the impact of Covid 19. Since the effect of covid began, there are restrictions on church gatherings where the government only Finding Jesus through word of life harvest ministriesallows a third of the church members to attend church. Some who are aged are as well are restricted from attending church service. This has made the number of attendants go down, though in every circumstance we give glory to God. The church is within the slum about 2km from where I stay.

Since the restrictions on church gatherings began, I prayed for those who don’t attend church gatherings and I felt through the Holy Spirit that the Lord spoke to me to organize a few evangelism teams to do door-to-door evangelism to reach out to the unreached with the gospel.

It was a burden to me since I was asking myself that these people who don’t attend church gatherings, how do they get the Word? and how can they grow spiritually?

This was a very big burden to me and so one day in June of 2020 I went to church and talked to our church leaders but only four agreed and accepted to go door to door to reach out to the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was a little hard because nearly 90% of the church members who do casual work, and live hand to mouth, lost jobs as well due to the effect of covid 19. So, again doing this work with no payment was a big challenge. I began doing farming, planting vegetables, and keeping chickens to at least help me feed my family, and those orphans I’m taking care of. We began with a test of door-to-door evangelism. Then, by the grace of God, picked up and people started giving their lives to Christ. My team and I started leading them to Christ. It really makes my heart thrive to see souls being won for Christ, and people turning for Christ for the glory of God. So then we’ve been doing door-to-door evangelism and discipleship, we mostly go door to door, reaching out to the unreached in the slums.

In the region where we are there is a high rate of poverty and people live hand to mouth. Most pastors don’t like this because it gives them no return, but because of our calling, we do this for the glory of God. Last year in 2021, a total of 2,316 received Christ as Lord and savior through our team who do evangelism, discipleship, and follow-ups!

My team walks up to a distance of 10km to reach out to them.

We are happy for brother Brian who keeps on encouraging my team and me as we share the pictures. We thank God for brother Brian for being a partner and friend of our ministry.

This is our prayer and request:

If we can be able to get copies of Bibles to share with the needy believers, I’m sure that can really help many families to get deep-rooted in the word. While we are doing evangelism, most needy new believers keep on asking us to help them get bibles so as to grow. That can really help in ensuring as many as possible turn to God and get saved. Pray with us also that we are trusting God for the food program even if it’s in a while. This is because there are some families who starve, others go without a meal, others hardly take a meal a day. So preaching for hungry individuals become a challenge. But, we can share the love by sharing even food, and  I’m sure this can be a good strategy to even winning more souls for Christ.

Our main aim is that with the help of God these cases of infidelity, early pregnancies, prostitution, and such kinds may turn to give glory to God.

We met with our evangelism team for 2022, to begin with, the process from the 10th of this January and I’m sure we will win as many souls for Christ as possible.

In case of any inquiry about our ministry or support to help us get Bibles, food, or clothing  please reach out to us through


PO BOX 2386_30100


**Bibles can be purchased through the Bible Society of Kenya HERE. 

or personally to


PO BOX2386_30100




We are hoping to hear from you soon

In Christ,

Pastor Simon.


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