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Today’s Christian

By Brian Barrier

Burke County

Today’s Christian is a person that encompasses a vast array of practices, beliefs, and expressions of his or her faith. The largest religion globally is Christianity with over 2.4 billion followers. With such a massive number, it’s easy to see how there is such a wide range of differing beliefs and practices. There are some things most Christians have in common and we’ll explore a few of those in this Christian news article.

There is one thing that all Christians have a common belief in; there is only one God and He created the universe and everything in it. Christians also believe in the Trinity. That means that there is only one God, who exists in or as three persons. God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Christianity is centered on this core belief and is the bedrock of many of the practices and traditions that have been written about and practiced for thousands of years.

One thing you will hear from Today’s Christian is about the Gospel message. The Gospel message has been written about by many different websites like Christian Post, Christian Action League, and Blue Ridge Christian News. Without getting too much in the weeds, the Gospel message is simply the good news that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, and lived on earth fully man and fully God. He was put to death by being nailed to a cross and died to take on the sins of man. In three days, He was resurrected and now sits with God, the Father making intercession for our sins, past, present, and future and to provide salvation for eternity for all who will confess their sin before Him, repent (or turn away from) their sin and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

An essential daily practice for today’s Christian is prayer. Christians can have a direct line to God by simply taking time to pray and talk to Him. God is always there listening but it is important for us to take time to hear Him. We do that by spending quality time alone praying or talking to God but then being quiet and listening. God speaks to us in many ways.

Another practice of today’s Christian should be daily Bible reading. Spending time in God’s Word is vital to knowing and understanding the will of God. The Bible is active and alive. It is God’s love story to mankind. The answer to every question you will have can be found through prayer and spending time reading God’s Word.

Today’s Christian should also be engaged in outreach and evangelism. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our faith with others and to spread the message of Jesus Christ. We can share our faith with family and friends, participate in mission trips, or support missionaries and evangelists around the world.

One thing is certain, today’s Christian needs Jesus more than ever. As we watch the world falling apart around us, we can have the hope and promise of eternity in heaven once we accept Him as our Savior. Be blessed my friends!