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Wherever He Leads

By Joe Sturz

Shenandoah, Va.Joe Sturz Shenandoah Virginia


Dear Friend,
I have been down with a cold but am finally getting going again.

This hymn is my commitment to the Lord.

1 Perhaps my dear Shepherd may lead into meadows
Where greenest the grasses may grow;
Perhaps he may lead me in deserts and shadows:
Wherever he leads me I’ll go.

And now, on my ear sweetest music is falling,
A voice oh, so gentle and low,
The voice of my Shepherd at this moment is calling:
Wherever he leads me I’ll go. [Refrain]

2 Perhaps my good Shepherd may guard while I’m resting
Beside where the still waters flow;
Perhaps the mad billows my soul must be breasting:
Wherever he leads me I’ll go. [Refrain]

3 Perhaps I’ll have sunshine, I may have a disaster,
The future I care not to know;
I’ll trust everything to the care of the Master,
Wherever he leads me I’ll go. [Refrain]” (William C. Martin)

Brother Joe “wherever He leads I will follow” Sturz ‎Sunday, ‎January ‎15, ‎2023 Facebook Youtube

I became a Christian and began following Jesus Christ when I heard and accepted for myself that He died on the cross to pay for the sins of those that believe in Him and rose again from the dead to secure for them eternal life (I Corinthians 15:1-58).


Joe Sturz is a Christian counselor at Sturz Christian Counseling Service and lives in Page County, Virginia. You can learn more at  Joe has a passion for ministering to people with problems and sharing what the Lord has taught him through: His Word, his (Joe’s) mistakes, failures and successes and over 47 years as a Biblical counselor applying all of the Bible to all of life in daily messages on Facebook and email.

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