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Wooly Worms and American Decline

By Doug Harrell

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I look around today, watch some of the news headlines, listen to what people say are their most pressing concerns, and wonder what in the heck is going on!  It seems as if the number one concern of our current governmental concerns is global warming and right after that is trying to determine how to eliminate gender identity!  Really!

I don’t claim to be any great scientist or to have all the answers to all that is happening around us, and in our world, but don’t you think we can find issues that are more critical to our everyday lives than this mess.  I took a picture of a solid black wooly worm a couple of days ago and was reminded of the folklore of our forefathers that stated that if the wooly worms were solid black we were in for a long hard winter, I put about as much faith in that as I do some of the science that the global warming crowd is pushing, maybe even more.

Something that I think you will find interesting is that in 1910 in Mitchell County, NC, which is where I live, over 12,000 peach trees were being grown according to the census figures, with 1225 bushels of peaches sold.  In 1930 that number was 11,240 peach trees with 639 people growing peaches.  The weather was warm enough for the peach trees to survive here in the mountains.  By 1940 the temperature was changing and the number of growers had fallen to 280 and by 1950 there were none reported because cold weather had wiped them out.

Now I tell you this to point out the fact that over the centuries our temperatures have fluctuated, from the ice age on down.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I am a firm believer in conservation and have been all my life.  I currently am on several boards here in Mitchell County that have a high priority on maintaining and improving our natural resources.  Having said that, let me say that maybe the solid black wooly worms will foretell a winter that is cold enough to freeze the gonads off some of the politicians in Washington, then maybe they will put the wellbeing of the citizens of the country on a higher plane of a priority than climate.  In my lowly opinion, God has much more control of that than we do.

The next issue is this so-called political correctness that thinks we should not call a male a boy or a female a girl.  Heaven help us!  This weekend we were blessed to have a grandson and his wife with us along with a couple that was friends with them, and one of our great-grandsons.  The wife works at Duke in the maternity ward and she was telling us that they were being asked to not call breast milk breast milk but chest milk.  They were not to call the female that was having the baby a mother but a birthing parent!   Have we lost all sense of reality in this world!

We currently have school boards in surrounding counties that are having, and in some places already have introduced new gender pronouns that the teacher are supposed to use.  I know I wrote not long ago about the absurdity of this CRT training that is supposedly taking place that goes right along with the same degree of absurdity as this gender teaching.  Now as many of you may know, I raise cattle and if I want milk I don’t try to milk a bull, I have never seen a cow with balls and I have never seen a bull give birth to a calf!  Now that may sound a little crass to some of you but if it does, my recommendation to you is to get a life!  Grow up and get a lesson in reality.  We are created male and female and that has never changed and will never change.  Just because I decide to call a heifer a bull does not mean that she will ever produce semen, period!

I decided to not use Bible verses today because even if I did, some folks would argue with the word of God as well, and maybe you will just understand some good old country reality instead.  I ask that each of you pray earnestly that our governing officials, local, state, and national, get the fortitude (I really would like to use another word here) to stand up for common sense on these issues and focus on housing cost, food cost, fuel cost, medical cost, educational issues and things that matter to each of us regardless of our color, race or supposed gender.  Many things are what they are, and we will never legislate them to be different, focus on those things that we can change and leave the rest up to God and we will all be better off.  Have a truly blessed day!


Doug Harrell is a life-long resident of Mitchell County, Owner of Harrell Hill Farms, a member of Bear Creek Baptist Church, and former publisher of Blue Ridge Christian News. You can find him on Facebook at

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