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By Christy Young

Mitchell Countychristy young mitchell county


Patience is a virtue so I have been told.  Sometimes patience is not one of my strong attributes.  I am the type of person that wants everything scheduled and on time, no waiting, no excuses.  Otherwise, it exceeds my comfort zone.

Unfortunately, life does not always work that way! Growing seasons can often be long.  My husband loves to plant and harvest corn, but the growth period is long.  He tends to get anxious the last few weeks of the growth cycle anticipating the first taste of freshly grown sweet corn.  Oftentimes, his crop may be damaged by weather or the unwelcomed visits of deer, raccoons, and bears.

The same is true in our living before the Lord.  Occasionally we have seasons of rapid growth in our faith and sometimes the harvest seems so far away.  We have many obstacles and challenges that seem to trip us up and detour our path.  Anger and pride divide us from God and stunt our growth.  Psalms 85:12 says, “The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.”  When the harvest seems so far away, we need to cling close to our Heavenly Father for nourishment and growth.

We must deal with the sin in our lives, repent and strive to live better daily.  Otherwise, we will not continue to grow in our spiritual faith.  Jesus paid the price for our sin completely (what a wonderful gift)!  In Him, a harvest is guaranteed if we desire it.  The psalmist said the Lord would indeed give what is good.  To understand and accept what is truly good and fulfilling we must water our faith each day.  We also need the Light of Jesus shining within us.

It takes a lot of work to have a bumper crop.  You must till the ground, fertilize, and water.  The same is true with our faith.  We must repent daily.  Remove anything that hinders our walk with God and have a relationship with Him.  Prayer is essential.  Reading the Word of God is essential.  Assembling with other believers is essential and adds strength and accountability.

A fulfilling life by my definition is overflowing with the presence of God and witnessing the blessings of His handiwork.  Nothing is more precious than seeing the seed of salvation sown and watching how it grows until someone accepts the Lord as their personal Savior.

Times are tough, but God is good!  Time is drawing near for the return of the Lord and we desperately need a harvest of souls.  Please join with me in prayer that we as Christians can grow in our faith and work until Jesus comes.  As sweet as freshly picked corn tastes, the gift of salvation is so much sweeter!  Spread the Word, sow the seed, and pray that souls will be harvested.  God has given us each an opportunity to spread His holy word.  The time is now, let us work together and in due time, our lives will yield a harvest in Christ Jesus.


Christy Young is the blessed wife of Chris Young and the proud mother of Hunter and Holden.  She is a life-long resident of Mitchell County, works at Mitchell County Finance Office, and is a member of Bear Creek Baptist Church.


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