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Loving Jesus – George and L.G.
By Hannah Hensley


Here stands George and who we call L.G. (Little George a.k.a. Hobie). The similarities between these two can be uncanny. Their inquisitive minds are constantly asking questions and trying to figure out how to fix this or that. Papaw jokes with Hobie (L.G.) and Hobie can throw right back at him. They love cars and working on anything that has bolts and screws. They think alike, they act alike, and they most definitely eat alike. Food is very important to them and if they get grouchy, no need fuss and fight with them, just fix them a peanut butter cracker to tide them to supper and they’ll be just fine. They’re both very vocal about their aches and pains, about what they did yesterday and last week, what they like and don’t like and a new idea that they came up with today. They’re generous in what wealth they have and generous with their tender love. They tell the best stories and make best friends with strangers. They smile alike, they talk alike, and they can say the funniest things alike. To see and to be with Hobie today, I swear Papaw George must have been the same at 7 years old and so we consider Hobie our window to Papaw’s boyhood. They share a love old western tv shows, riding around in the pickup and Roadside Rest’s burgers and fries. Yes, no doubt about it, George and Little George are two peas in a pod. But, despite all their quirks and the gags they pull, we love them. We love George. We love L.G. And perhaps we love them more when they’re together, especially in such a setting as pictured below. Because they are so much alike, no picture could be more beautiful than Papaw loving Jesus and Grandson loving Jesus. Together they’re loving Jesus. Together they prayed, worshiped and sang the hymns. They bowed their heads together, raised their hands together and they took of sweet communion together, side by side.

I never take my phone in church, let alone turn it on, but it just so happens that I threw it in my purse this morning and I’m glad I did. Because some moments must be remembered. They must be recognized, maybe even glorified. Because in this life all these little moments will add up and they will equal everything.

Hannah Grace Hensley


Hannah Hensley, 21, lives in Erwin, TN with her family. She is the oldest of 7 children. She loves living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, writing stories and visiting her grandparents, who live in Mitchell County.