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Mitchell Yancey Family & Pregnancy Services

By Leah Johnson

Mitchell CountyLeah Johnson Mitchell Yancey Family & Pregnancy Services

I’m not a huge fan of statistics. They make my eyes glaze over most of the time. However, they are useful when we need to see the larger picture and zoom in on areas needing improvement. I decided to look up our numbers for 2022 compared to this year just to see how we are doing.

I’ll keep it brief, but here are a few stats for you! 2022: We served 39 women and 8 men and had 190 total visits to the center. 2023: We’ve served 82 women and 22 men and have had 386 total visits to the center. We knew we had been busy, but these numbers show just how quickly things are growing! Bigger numbers don’t necessarily mean better, but every single person; every single visit represents an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and strengthen families.

The bulk of our visits have been for physical resources such as diapers and strollers, parenting classes, and ultrasounds. Being pro-life doesn’t end when a woman gives birth, it’s only the beginning, and we are committed to walking with women and their families for however long it takes!

We are not seeing many abortion-minded clients reach out for help though. Roe v Wade being overturned is nothing short of a miracle. The decision was given to individual states, and NC recently dropped from a 20-week to 12-week abortion ban. While it’s a step in the right direction, we know women are still having abortions, and we are not seeing many come through our doors right now. Chemical abortion is on the rise, and women are having abortions earlier than ever. Before COVID, chemical abortions were being utilized, but during COVID-19, chemical abortions accounted for as much as 50% of abortions performed. Now in 2023, they are accounting for around 70%. This means less time for women to carefully consider their options and less time for us to reach them. We are diligently seeking God for wisdom about new ways to let them know we are here to help and would appreciate it if you prayed about this as well!

As 2023 starts to wind down, we continue to serve more women and families. Each one has a unique story and a variety of needs. Statistics may be boring, but the people they represent definitely aren’t!
M.Y. Life Center (Formerly Tri-County Pregnancy Center) is located in Burnsville at 112 Mercy Street. We offer compassionate support and love to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy or wishing to prepare for childbirth and/or improve their parenting skills through the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ. To contact us or learn more about our services, visit


Leah Johnson is a wife and mom of two. She is the Executive Director at M.Y. Life Center and volunteer Advocate for Mitchell/Yancey Forgotten Initiative


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