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A Few Small Steps in Faith

By Rev. John B. Sorensen

Evangelism Explosion International


Let’s face it. The Great Commission can sometimes feel overwhelming. How can we, as individual Christians, reach the world with the message of hope and salvation like Jesus commanded us to do?

When we look at the numbers, the task is great. Even with modern technology, almost two billion people have never had the chance to even hear the Good News of salvation because no one has ever told them. So, where do we even begin?

The reality is, we have never been closer to completing the Great Commission than we are right now. Reaching the entire world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is within our grasp – possibly within our own generation. Here’s why.

Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission found that in 100 A.D. there was one Christian for every 360 people on earth. In 1900, one Christian existed for every 21 people. Today, there are only eight people for every practicing Christian. That ratio is lower than it has ever been in history. That excites me!

The point is, we are living in the greatest revival the world has ever seen. The Great Commission can be accomplished, but only if we are willing to share our faith. Think about it. If every Christian was equipped to share their faith, and they actually did it, every person on earth could have the opportunity to hear about the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Not all of us are called to travel the world as a missionary, but we can share our faith right here at home, in our own communities – with our friends, co-workers, and the people we meet in our neighborhoods. Begin by taking a few small steps in faith and trust that God will lead you to someone who needs to know about Him.

Step 1: Pray for open doors. Often, we don’t see opportunities because we aren’t looking for them. Prayer opens our own eyes to the needs around us.

Step 2: Start a Gospel conversation. Invite a friend to join you for coffee. Ask a co-worker how they are doing, physically and spiritually. Offer to pray or help someone in need. Then really listen.

Step 3: Share your God-story. Our personal testimony about what God has done for us can change lives. People might be able to argue with Scripture, but they can’t dispute what you personally have experienced.

Step 4: Keep the conversation going. Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t pray to receive the gift of salvation right away. Follow up. Invite your friend to church. Offer to meet with them again to answer any questions.

Remember, Jesus commanded us to share the Gospel. We can’t force someone to accept it. But we can help to keep Jesus in the forefront of their minds and allow the Holy Spirit to work. All it takes is a few small steps of faith.


Rev. John B. Sorensen, D.D. is the President/CEO of Evangelism Explosion International, headquartered in Arden, N.C. EE has been a leader in equipping Christians to share their faith for more than 50 years. For more free tips and resources, visit, or follow John on Twitter, @jbsoresen.