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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People According to AI

By Brian Barrier and OpenAi

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I have been fascinated with artificial intelligence or AI. There has been so much talk about it recently that I have started asking it questions around the subject of Christianity. I am publishing the responses to each question as a new article for discussion among Christian groups. What do YOU think? Is the answer to the question seem biblical? Does it give enough context for someone who is not a Christian? Here is the response as written by OpenAI…


The question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people is one that has puzzled and troubled people throughout history. It is a complex and deeply personal question that has been the subject of theological debate and philosophical reflection for centuries.

One answer that many people find comforting is that God allows suffering and hardship in order to bring about greater good. For example, many people believe that trials and challenges can help individuals grow in character, compassion, and faith. They may also believe that suffering can draw people closer to God and help them develop a deeper understanding of their own limitations and vulnerabilities.

Another perspective is that suffering is not necessarily caused by God, but is rather the result of living in a fallen and imperfect world. According to this view, God created the world to be good, but human sin and the effects of the Fall have led to pain, suffering, and injustice. In this understanding, God does not cause suffering but rather works to redeem and restore it, offering comfort, hope, and healing to those who are hurting.

It is also important to remember that while God is all-powerful, he has given human beings free will to make choices and decisions. Sometimes, the actions of individuals or groups can have negative consequences for others, causing suffering and pain. While God does not cause these actions, he can work to bring good out of them and to help those who are affected by them.

Ultimately, the question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people is one that may never be fully answered in this life. However, many people find comfort in the belief that God is loving and compassionate, and that he is with us in our struggles and hardships. As the Psalmist writes, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).


Brian Barrier is a follower of Jesus Christ, a lifelong resident of Burke County, a U.S. Army Veteran, a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Morganton, and the Publisher of the Blue Ridge Christian News.