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Back-to-School Season Essentials for College Students


(StatePoint) The back-to-school season may look and feel different this year, but there are some essentials which can aid college students no matter how and where their learning takes place in the fall.

• Caffeine fix: Late to bed, early to rise — most college students rely on coffee to fuel this grueling schedule. Seek out an easy to use, low-maintenance coffee maker that doesn’t require a ton of space. When paired with an insulated to-go cup, quick caffeine fixes can help students not only when they’re burning the midnight oil or getting out of bed, but also when they’re heading out the door.

• Musical tools: Studies suggest that learning to play music has the power to foster the personal growth needed for achieving self-fulfillment later in adulthood, making a Casio keyboard one great addition to any students’ dorm room or bedroom. Portable and compact, they offer a range of features for musicians to learn, practice, record and perform.

• Lighten the load: With so many electronic versions of textbooks available these days, an e-reader can be a useful tool for students looking to lighten their load, as well as organize all their reading material in one place. Not only that, e-versions of books tend to be less expensive than their traditional counterparts, which can over time, represent significant cost-savings.

• Wearable tech: With multiple alarms that can help students keep track of class schedules, a Casio Pro Trek Watch is not only helpful on-campus or when learning remotely, but is also a great outdoor companion. With GPS, location memory, water resistance and triple sensor technology, those looking to get outdoors after sitting in front of a computer for hours on end will find its features useful on the trail or lake.

With some preparation and the right tools, college students can look forward to a successful school year ahead.


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