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Ethics of Men and Perilous Times

By Robert Garner

Rutherford CountyRobert Garner Rutherford County


Have you ever wondered why the medical healthcare association has a serpent, the Devil called Satan, (Revelation 12:9), wrapped around a rod for their medical logo symbol, “The rod of Asclepius”? Perhaps it’s a warning to us? The Greek god Asclepius is a deity in Greek mythology associated with healing and medicine.

The LORD commanded Aaron, Moses’ brother, to speak to Pharaoh King of Egypt. The issue was about letting the LORD’S people, the Israelites, go out of the land of Egypt. They would no longer be under the bondage of Pharaoh.

Pharaoh demands to see a miracle from the LORD so Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh the king and it becomes a serpent. Pharaoh calls the wise men, sorcerers, and magicians of Egypt to cast down their rods which also became serpents; a ‘tit-for-tat strategy’, No!  Aaron’s rod, God’s rod for signs (Exo. 4:17), swallowed up their rods. Exodus 7:8-13.

We must realize that the world of Noah’s day was far different than the world we live in today. It is interesting just to think about how far things have degraded due to the sins of mankind.  Noah was nine hundred and fifty years old and he died (Gen.9:29), that’s extraordinary!  How could Noah, and other individuals in the Bible have such longevity of life spans without any modern-day medical intervention?

Medical researchers purchase aborted baby body parts for the development of vaccines and drug therapies to cure disease; “to extend the lives of men”. Fifty-plus million abortions a year worldwide and the average life expectancy for humans is only 78 years. Medical researchers, abortion rights activists, and family planning advocates claim “Aborted Fetus Research Saves Lives”? Now how’s that for perverse thinking? What a contradiction, an oxymoron; saves whose life, what about the 50 million unborn aborted children?

Humans are the only species on earth that kill their unborn in the womb, their children. Horribly, these various abominations of children have been going on since the year 1400 BC. God Almighty speaking, Jeremiah 32:34,35, “but they set their abominations in the house, which is called by my name, to defile it. And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech [ satanic deity] which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

“Which I Commanded Them Not, Neither Came It Into My Mind”

Keep thee far from a false matter, and the innocent and righteous slay not: for I will not justify the wicked; Exodus 23:7. Psalm 106:37 “Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils.” Psalm 106:39, “Thus were they defiled with their own works and went a whoring with their own inventions.”

Now we have forced Chinese citizens to organs harvesting without consent for worldwide organ transplant tourism, and gender reconstruction surgery for children.   How bad can it get?

2 Timothy 3:1, This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

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Robert W. Garner and his wife live in Union Mills, Rutherford County, NC. He’s a Christian Bible study researcher/writer/coach allied with other Biblical Scripture investigators unaffiliated with any church denominations. Their Scripture research spans 600 years of Christian Bible languages which include English, Hebrew, and Greek. As God Almighty commands in 1 Corinthians 2:13 we search the scriptures; “not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but what the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual with spiritual”; which is a scripture with scripture.

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