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Life Lessons

Doug Harrell

Mitchell CountyDoug Harrell


The thing that we all strive for each day is the thing called happiness!  We want happiness in our lives and in our hearts, we want to be accepted as one of the crowd, be chosen as part of the inner circle, to be the center of attention.  Bottom line is that we want to feel loved and valued.

What happens in so many instances is that we search for love in all the wrong places as the old song I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,

“Lookin’ for love in too many faces,
searchin’ their eyes and lookin’ for traces
of what I’m dreamin’ of.”

We see people that are turning to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, fancy cars and you can go on and on.

We never find true happiness until we find contentment, learn to be content, not complacent, but accepting where God has placed us at the moment.  Accepting God’s will and being in His will won’t always make us popular in the worldly views. In fact, we will be living in this world but not really be a part of this world. We will be born again as a new creature in Christ.

The picture Jesus painted in the sermon on the mountain list the attributes of those that would find true happiness for the long haul.  We get all obsessed with happiness here for the brief moment of life, which passes quickly and forgets about happiness for eternity, which is forever.

Matthew 5:6 – “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

Many translations use the word happiness rather than righteousness, but we find true happiness here on this earth when we are willing to search diligently for God’s will in our lives, when we are willing to follow and trod in His path.  Take time to contemplate your relationship with your Savior today, put your trust in the One who can!  Let your mind be filled with happiness from within, not from without.


Doug Harrell is a life-long resident of Mitchell County, Owner of Harrell Hill Farms, a member of Bear Creek Baptist Church and former publisher of Blue Ridge Christian News. You can find him on Facebook at

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