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Mountains of Blue

By Tammy Hopson

Mitchell CountyTammy Hopson Red Hill Mitchell County

There is no doubt in my mind that God created the Earth and I have no doubt that He created it for us to enjoy. I also believe we are very blessed to live in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains. Every season they are breathtaking to behold. But something about the Winter season makes them especially blue and spectacular to me. The vision of them, as they stand tall in the distance and in the cold, prompted me to write “Mountains of Blue”

Majestic surround,

Glistening ground.

Skies of azure,

Call and allure.

“Come see!”

And “Come view!”

These mountains of blue!


Sunbeams display,

With golden array.

Indigo lines,

Of poplar and pines.

Layered amidst,

The soft smoky mist.

Of mountains of blue!


In silence they stand,

Made without hand.

Ever remaining,

Their beauty proclaiming.

No happen of chance

created this stance.

These mountains of blue!


As I look and behold,

Your escarpment of old.

My spirit cries out

“No question! No doubt!”

“Splendor, evidence of

His magnificent love!”

“Oh, mountains of blue!”


If men fail to raise, 

Their voice in due praise.

Your cliffs and your hill,

Will sing to God still!

Your valleys and banks

Resounding in thanks!

For mountains of blue!

I have decided that my voice shall join the chorus of praise the mountains seem to sing in their beauty. I am incredibly thankful for what God has created and I know you are too. May the New Year find us all singing the same song of praise as we also look toward another land, heaven created just for us but much more beautiful than this.

Happy 2024 to all of you!


Tammy Hopson has been a Mitchell County resident since 1992 and lives in Red Hill with her family. She is a mother of six children and grandmother of 14. She has been a member of Hoyle Memorial Christian Fellowship in Lawndale, NC since 1992 and helps lead The HMCF Youth Group.

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