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My Plan to Take Over the World

By Todd Abraham

Athens, TennesseeTodd Abraham heartbeat Christian news


First, I’ll start by gaining control of the monetary systems around the world through deceit, greed, and treachery. And seeing what an extremely powerful influence technology is on the human mind, I will take that over as well. I will affect all my plans with the utmost of secrecy and disguise them behind many hidden agendas. I’ll send those loyal to me to infiltrate every level of power from executive branches to military and social institutions. Ah but especially education beginning at the college level where young minds are easily influenced being finally out from the auspices of their parents. I’ll work especially hard to get my influence into all the major religious movements with the Christian ones being my top priority. I’ll choose those of great charismatic persuasion to perpetuate doctrines that are close to the truth but not exactly. And once they have solidified their positions, insist that only headquarters-approved doctrines can be preached and taught on the ground level.

Next, I’ll employ my money men to use this wonderful technology called television to begin to control the flow of information around the world and propagandize mankind. To make sure it’s a 24/7 bombarding of problems, moral decay, and loss of freedom. And if the people don’t object or resist, increase the amount of it. I’ll present them with exaggerated negativity without any solutions to weaken their faith and create angst. I’ll manipulate the politicians by having my moneymen put the most perverse of them into the office all the while threatening to expose their perverseness if they don’t stick to my agenda. I’ll use mass media to present two sides to every story while I actually own both sides. I’ll use television programming which slowly gets more and more morally corrupt to bend the people’s minds to my will.

And how delighted I was to see these wonderful new devices called smartphones! This is my weapon of choice because it contains everything the human mind can be distracted by which is contrary to the bible and everyone loves them. Since I already own all major media outlets around the world, I’ll have my guys spend countless billions promoting these free-will mind-control devices because people will pay for them! Imagine the people of the world helping me destroy them all in the name of convenience and entertainment. I’ll use extreme peer pressure to get the parents to put these little idols in their kids’ hands so I can start working on them early. I used to have to wait till the kids left home before I could really begin to work on them but now I can get them early! Knowing how smart they are, I’ll make it so they can access all the filth their parents would never let them see behind their backs. How easy is this?

While all this is going on and because my plan is multi-faceted, I’ll flood the world with a gazillion erroneous translations of the bible. Knowing the best way to deceive Christians is by altering the word of God. And knowing they can’t understand the word of God without a preacher sent by God, the excuse I will make rampant is that the old English in that pesky King James Version is too hard to understand. Eventually, I’ll have the majority of them believing they can read any ole translation, live how they want to live as long as they claim to be Christian, and bombard them with my own preachers who know how to twist the word to my liking.

Finally, I will never publicly make my plan known; my true sinister goals. Not even to my chief instigators. I’ll just use different levels of deception based on the rank and intelligence of my henchmen. And when it’s my time to openly rule the world, I will have the most controlling, addictive, eavesdropping method at my disposal; the smartphone!


My name is Todd Abraham. I’m an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of Heartbeat Christian News which has been in publication for 9 years now by the grace of God. You can read all about it at


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